Peloton App vs Membership: Worth It? [2022]

Peloton App vs Membership

Peloton App vs Membership: Thinking Peloton Digital App is good enough or Peloton All Access Membership is worth? Or wondering which will provide you better options? In this article, I’ll help you choose between Peloton App and Membership.

Peloton is an American exercise equipment and media-based company. You might be contemplating that both Peloton Digital and Peloton All Access Membership provides you access to the same library of workout videos, both on-demand and live. So, what’s the difference? Checkout the guide below for more information on Peloton App vs Membership.

Peloton App vs Membership: What are they?

With a Peloton all-access membership, you’ll get the most values packed and advanced Peloton membership for the entire household with our Peloton tread or bike. You’ll also have unlimited access to an expanding library of live-streaming and on-demand scenic rides, classes, real-time performance tracking and challenges.

It creates profile for everyone in your home, so they can access their whole library of classes from your Peloton Tread, Bike and the Peloton App.

Whereas, with Digital Membership, you’ll not have access to classes through our Peloton Tread or Bike and will not be able to track your performance metrics. Also, this is a single user membership on their web or Android or iOS app platform. This means, you’ll not be able to share access to the membership.

Peloton App vs Membership: Comparison


Peloton Digital unlocks content on the free Peloton app for a monthly fee without the need for any Peloton hardware. This content includes thousands of both on-demand and live video classes through your table, phone or TV.

On the other hand, Peloton All Access membership is used with your Peloton Bike which is one of the best Peloton’s exercise bike for spin classes at home or the Tread running machine.


Another huge difference between Peloton Digital and Peloton All Access Membership is the price.

Peloton Digital: The Peloton Digital Membership costs $12.99 per month plus tax.  If you subscribe to Peloton on your Android or iOS device, all the charges will be managed through Google Play Store or Apple App Store or iTunes respectively. Whereas, if you’ve subscribed through web, all charges will be managed via your ‘Member profile.’

Peloton All Access Membership: The Peloton All Access Membership costs $39.99 per month plus tax. You’ll be allowed to access limitless content across 1 Tread and 1 Bike for each household.

Henceforth, two of the same products in a house, i.e., two treads or two bikes, would need two distinct memberships for content access on both devices.

Also, remember that if you already have a Peloton Bike and decide to purchase a Peloton Tread, you can be able to continue to pay $39 per month to have unlimited access to class content on both products.


With Peloton Digital, you can use your fitness tracker to fill in some gaps such as heart-rate monitoring for example. The “Here Now” feature on Peloton Digital lets you check other members taking the same class and you can even high-five each other for encouragement.

On the other hand, with Peloton All Access Membership, you’ll get additional features for your extra money. It offers more on-screen metrics such as resistance, output, cadence, distance, heart rate along with complete performance tracking. 


The iOS platform of Peloton Digital has a “Here Now” leaderboard. Nevertheless, it is not based on output, so you can’t be able to compare your ride status to anyone else’s. Furthermore, it highlights riders with milestones and you can also give and receive high-fives on the Here Now board. The downside is that it is not available on Android app.

Whereas, Peloton All Access Membership offers a more collaborative leaderboard which is compatible with your Peloton Tread or Bike and permits you to take part in some healthy competition with others who are taking classes. Also, it tracks the output of every person who have ever taken a ride and provides you a ranking in comparison to others.

Peloton App vs Membership: Features

Features Peloton Digital App Peloton All Access Membership
Number of users 1 per subscription Unlimited
Metrics Tracking Not all and needs a compatible device Heart rate, cadence, resistance, output, distance
Power zones No Fully Integrated
Target Metrics Not Displayed Displayed during on-demand rides
Search option Only filters available Fully functioning search features
Collections Available Available
Pause No Yes
Challenges Not Available All Available
Stacks Web app: credit, edit and play Android and iOS: Play only Perfectly Integrated
PR Tracking No, there is no output tracking Yes, and compare your PR to your current rides

Conclusion: choosing between Peloton App and Membership truly depends on your preferences and requirements. So, I hope the above article Peloton App vs Membership has helped you to pick up an option between them.

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