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Naughty Girl Fitness Review: Worth Trying? [2024]

Naughty Girl Fitness Review: Worth Trying? [2024]

Naughty Girl Fitness Review: You might find multiple fitness apps and websites on the Internet. Some need complete dedication while others can go well with a little bit of slacking. You mostly follow the same pattern, but, with the Naughty Girl Fitness app – the case is a bit different.

Yes, unlike similar fitness platforms, the Naughty Girl Fitness app is well-known for helping you stay fit in a fun and sexy way. Another highlight of the app is that you will be dancing alongside a celebrity choreographer.

With all that, the Naughty Girl Fitness app does sound interesting. However, does it actually work? Is it any good? If you aren’t sure, then don’t worry, because this article includes a thorough Naughty Girl Fitness review. 

What is the Naughty Girl Fitness App?

The Naughty Girl Fitness app follows the Naughty Fit method that helps in sculpting your body through a dance movement experience. It is known to be led by a world-renowned choreographer and creative director – Janelle Ginestra. 

Additionally, the app contains many workout series specifically designed to be fun at all times. It is made so that you will get more comfortable as you use the app with repeated workouts, refreshed every week. 

Naughty Girl Fitness

Key Highlights 


Watching fun dancing videos on the app is convenient because you can stop, rewind, and repeat whenever you wish. You can also start the exercise according to your schedule, and you choose the amount of dancing you do. 


The platform contains a series of videos targeting a specific goal. For instance, we have a Fuego Fitness Series that follows videos, primarily focusing on that fitness field. 

Beginners to Advanced 

The videos are available for all, whether you are a beginner or an advanced in the field. Like, a beginner can choose to skip the parts that are hard to follow, and an advanced can complete the series in an instant — it’s all up to you. 


Fortunately, the platform offers a 7-day free trial. After that, if you are interested in paying for its services, then you have two subscription options. 

The first one is the monthly subscription which will cost you around $9.99, and the second one is the annual subscription which will cost you around $79. 

Pros & Cons


  • The routines don’t follow the usual and boring pattern but are fun, and you don’t feel like you are actually working out.
  • The music used helps a lot in keeping up with the pace of working out. 


  • It needs a good network connection all the time, or it will take forever to load on your device, especially when you are watching on bigger screens. 
  • The app is filled with multiple bugs and glitches, and it takes time for the team to fix bugs. 

Does Naughty Girl Fitness Really Work?

According to what we have seen on the Internet, the app has received mixed opinions. But, it is safe to say it is more on the positive side with an average 3.8/5 rating on the Google Play Store. 

For starters, the platform uses dancing with a famous choreographer to keep you excited and motivated to come back and not procrastinate. Also, the series and routines are different from what you usually see – and you genuinely work out in a fun and, of course, sexy way.

However, the app seems to be attacked by bugs and glitches often for many, and if you are viewing the videos on a bigger screen, especially TV, then you might often face problems with network and loading. 

Moreover, there are many more positive and negative points about these platforms, yet, according to us, since it has a free trial, we suggest you try the free trial and see for yourself whether the app is worth your time and money or not.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Naughty Girl Fitness for beginners?

The Naughty Girl Fitness app is for beginners, as well as for intermediate and advanced people. It is convenient for almost all stages and you get to decide what type of dancing you do today and tomorrow.