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Dice Dreams Error Code 213 [How to Fix]

Dice Dreams Error Code 213 [How to Fix]

Dice Dreams Error Code 213: Dice Dreams is a popular mobile game where you will be joining millions of players globally to roll the dice on a magical board, attack your friends, steal coins, and build your powerful kingdom to start an exciting journey.

However, as every game comes with a few issues, the players of Dice Dreams also face some bugs and glitches, like they’re currently facing the Dice Dreams error code 213 which is not allowing them to play the game at all.

Yes, we have come across complaints where people are stuck on the homepage and aren’t able to move forward. Yet, if you’re also facing the same error problem, then don’t worry because the article below contains some of the most helpful methods to solve the Dice Dreams error code 213 problem. 

What is the Dice Dreams Error Code 213?

The Dice Dreams error code 213 does not allow users to start the game or even enter the area at all. Whenever these players are trying to access the game, the app will not load, and instead show the error code 213.

Unfortunately, we are not sure of the exact cause or solution of the issue. However, the course can be anyone from the following:

  • The Dice Dreams servers might be facing an issue, most probably a sudden service outage.
  • You might have a weak or unstable Internet connection.
  • Your Dice Dreams app might be outdated.
  • You might have a corrupted or missing game file.

How to Fix: Dice Dreams Error Code 213

Check Server Status/Wait for a While

According to our predictions, the main cause of the problem might be a certain service outage or any other issue with the game servers.

Therefore, we suggest you have a look at the server status of the game, and to do so, you can trust Outagedown or similar platforms, and check here.

In case you found that the site indeed has issues reported by others, then that means the servers have issues, and now all you can do is wait for a while.

Check Internet Connectivity 

If your Internet connection is weak or unstable, then it might be the main cause behind the loading of the game. So, we ask you to check your Internet connectivity and make sure you are receiving enough network to run the game.

However, if your connection is weak or unstable, then you try a bunch of things. You can restart your device, restart the router, switch to another connection source, or simply wait till the connection is good to go. 

Ensure Dice Dreams is Updated

If your Dice Dreams game app is not updated to its latest version, then that is certainly the main cause behind the error problem.

You must always make sure all your apps on the device are updated, so, check for the updates, and if you find any pending updates for the Dice Dreams app, then update right away. 

Clear Dice Dream App’s Cache

It is important to clear the cache of apps on your device often to make sure there are no corrupted files or an overload in the cache and unwanted data.

So, if you haven’t cleared the cache of Dice Dreams game app for a while, then follow the guide mentioned below:

For iOS, 

  1. Go to the Settings app on your device. 
  2. Choose the General option.
  3. Select iPhone Storage, scroll down till you see the Dice Dreams app, and tap on it.
  4. Choose the Offload App option at the bottom.
  5. Download the app from the App Store.

For Android, 

  1. Open Settings and go to the apps’ page.
  2. Search for the Dice Dreams app.
  3. Tap on it and choose the Clear Cache or any relevant option available.

Restart Your Device

If none of the methods mentioned above worked for you, then it is kind of safe to say that your device might have an issue or two – mainly a minor bug or glitch.

However, you don’t need to fret, because these kinds of minor bugs and glitches can be easily kicked out by simply restarting your device. You can opt for switching off the device, waiting for a while, and then switching it back on — otherwise, rebooting is always easier. 

Reinstall the Dice Dreams App

If the servers or the device are not the issue, then there might be something else that’s causing the error to appear in the app. 

However, assuming that this issue is a small bug or glitch, it can be easily solved by reinstalling the Dice Dreams app. 

Contact Dice Dreams Customer Care

The very last option in the list is to contact Dice Dreams customer care services and explain to them about the error you are facing.

To do so, you have to follow the usual method of emailing them with your player ID and explaining them in a complete description of the issue. Their email is — [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dice Dreams error code 213 Android?

The Dice Dreams error code 213 you are facing on your Android device might be caused due to a bunch of reasons, like an outdated Dice Dreams app, an issue with the Dice Dreams servers, or you might have an unstable network connection.