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Nature ID App Review: Is It Legit? [2024]

Nature ID App Review: Is It Legit? [2024]

Nature ID App Review: NatureID is a plant identifying application that helps you identify various plants using image recognition and machine learning technology to examine the characteristics of a plant.

A lot of people were wondering whether NatureID works well and what its features are. If you are also looking for the same, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed Nature ID app review where you’ll get to know everything about this plant identifier app, including its features and cost.

What is NatureID?

NatureID is a plant identification app that uses AI to identify flowers, plants, trees, and other natural objects. It has a database of over 15,000 plants and can identify them with up to 95% accuracy.

It can be specifically useful for gardeners, botany enthusiasts, or anyone who is curious about the plants they find in their surroundings.

Similarly, its advanced features include the ability to find out species easily by entering their names and filtering the results to discover the plants that suit you best.

Nature ID App Review

How Does NatureID – Plant Identifier App Work?

In order to get started with NatureID, all you need to do is to focus your camera on the object of your interest and take a picture or choose an existing photo from your phone.

Once you are done taking a picture, it’ll compare the image with its database of plant species and give you a description of every mushroom, insect, plant, and rock.

To make an identification, it considers features like flower characteristics, leaf shape, bark texture, and other distinctive features. You can then add the plant to ‘My Plants’ and set care reminders.

Furthermore, it also gives additional information about the identified plant species, including common and scientific names, habitat information, descriptions, and growing tips. And you can be able to diagnose a plant with the plant disease identifier.

Key Features

  • Plant Care Tips: Offers information about the fertilizer your plant needs and how much water and light your plant requires to stay healthy.
  • Diagnose a Plant: You can easily find out what’s wrong with your plant by checking it in the plant disease identifier and getting detailed information about the disease along with proper treatment and prevention recommendations.
  • Weather Tracker: Ability to adjust your care routine depending on the local weather conditions and know about the changes that can affect your outdoor plants.
  • Care Reminders: Timely reminders for misting, watering, feeding, and viewing your plants grow happily and healthily.
  • Vacation Mood: You can share your plant care schedule with your friends or family so they can look after your plants when you’re away.
  • Plant Journal: Keep track of your plants in a plant journal.

NatureID App Cost

Though you can download and use the NatureID app for free, you’ll need the premium version to access its advanced features. NatureID plant identification’s premium plan costs $4.99 a week or $19.99 a year.

With the Premium version, you’ll get disease diagnostics, pot meter, weather tracker notifications, light meter, unlimited estimations through water calculator, an unlimited number of plants in My Plants, and a plant search with a filter.

Does NatureID Accurately Identify Plants?

While most of the users have said that NatureID has provided them with accurate information, few others reported that it is not always reliable. This means it sometimes struggles to identify unusual and less common plants.

However, it’s worth noting that its accuracy primarily depends on the quality of the photo you use. For instance, if the photo is a little blurry, NatureID might not be able to identify the plant correctly.

Furthermore, a lot of users have complained that the app doesn’t work well and freezes after it opens on the main screen. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to check by yourself by accessing its 3-day free trial.

So, we hope this article on the Nature ID app review has helped you understand everything about this plant identifier app.


How accurate is NatureID?

NatureID boasts that it identifies plants with over 95% accuracy.

How much does the NatureID app cost?

Its premium plan costs $4.99 a week or $19.99 a year.

Is NatureID plant identification free?

It does offer a free version with limited features.