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Fix: DU Error Code 135921 [2024]

Fix: DU Error Code 135921 [2024]

DU Error Code 135921: Desktop Underwriter (DU) is a software application developed by Fannie Mae. It deals with the secondary mortgage market by using AUS to help lenders evaluate mortgage loan applications.

Among a few error codes that DU causes, DU error code 135921 is one of them. So, if you’ve encountered the error code 135921 on DU and are wondering how to fix it, look no further.

Though there is no official information available regarding this error, in the article below, we’ve mentioned some troubleshooting solutions to help you know how to get rid of the DU error code 135921.

What is DU Error Code 135921?

DU Error code 135921 is a Fannie Mae error code that typically indicates that the credit report request was unsuccessful. And it can be caused by various factors, which are as follows:

  • An issue with the credit reporting agency’s website.
  • Incorrect borrower information.
  • A problem with the DU system.
  • Invalid credit report information.

How to Fix: DU Error Code 135921

As already mentioned, there is no information present across the web related to the error code 135921 on DU. However, this error usually occurs when the credit report request is unsuccessful.

Check Borrower Information

Since you may encounter this error when the credit report request is unsuccessful, there is a possibility that you might have entered incorrect borrower information, thus causing the credit report request to be unsuccessful and eventually causing the error code 135921.

Therefore, ensure that the borrower information like name, current address, generation, and Social Security number in the Borrower information screen is correct and accurate and see if the issue still persists.

Check Credit Report Information

We can say that the borrower’s credit report is not available. Thus, check the credit bureau’s website to see if the borrower’s credit report is available.

Also, you can contact the credit bureau to request a copy of the borrower’s credit report.

Contact Support

If the issue still persists even after trying all the solutions, you should contact the credit reporting agency to make sure everything is alright. Or you can get in touch with customer support by phone at 1-800-232-6643.


What is error code 135921?

DU error code 135921 typically indicates that the credit report request was unsuccessful.

What does DU stand for in a mortgage?

Fannie Mae’s automated mortgage loan system – Desktop Underwriter (DU), helps you complete credit risk assessment.

What do DU findings mean?

The DU findings report summarizes the overall underwriting suggestion and an eligible factor of the loan case file and specific steps required for the lender to finish the processing of the loan file.