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Moovit App Review: Features, Pros-Cons, Legit? [2024]

Moovit App Review: Features, Pros-Cons, Legit? [2024]

Moovit App Review: Moovit app is a famous app that helps you get live directions, accurate information and some other things about your current location and the destination you wish to visit.

But, is it legit? Is it accurate? Is it any good? If you wish to know the answers to these questions and information about the Moovit app, we highly suggest you continue reading this article that contains a thorough Moovit app review.

Overview: Moovit App

Moovit is a mobility service provider and journey planner app from Israel developed by Moovit Inc. The application works for offering bus and train timetables mostly.

Moovit app works for both Android and iOS devices along with the web. It has received a powerful and positive response on the Google play store and the app store. 

Moovit is available in over 3000 major cities across over a hundred countries worldwide. It guides over 900 million users across the world.

It is one of the most accurate and efficient apps for all urban mobility and transport rights. Not only the train and bus, but you can also look for rides from the ferry, light rail, Metro, bike rides, Subway, tube, underground and ridesharing Uber, etc.

Moovit App Review

How does it work?

Through Moovit app and web version, you can plan your journey. It offers a journey planner which can help you navigate through public transit networks with the help of your device GPS navigation across transit modes.

It will give you the recently and last minute updated results for your searches. It works efficiently with its easy-going user interface on both the web version and the app.

You have to make sure your GPS is switched on along with the network connection. Search for the rides of different modes like Metro, subway, trolleybuses, ride-hailing, trains, trams and so many more and get the timetables accordingly.

How to Start?

The working of the Moovit app is simple. To use it, follow the below mentioned instructions,

  1. If you are going to use it for exploring, install it on your cell phone.
  2. As GPS is a crucial thing to use this app, it will ask you for the GPS and location permissions, allow it.
  3. Switch it on and you can navigate and learn a few simple things without an account.
  4. When you want to know the timetable, choose a departure time using the clock available on the screen.
  5. After adjusting and adding the filters, search the available routes.
  6. Select the journey you wish to take and it will give you all the details.
  7. When you are sure about it, tap on the ‘start live directions' option and move according to the management of the app.

Key Features

  • Journey Planner 

The journey planner is a feature that combines all the transport options for your desired destination. It recommends you the safest and the best route to reach the destination in less time. 

It also states the timing and live arrivals so that you can estimate the time you will reach the destination and make decisions accordingly.

  • Live Directions

Live directions feature will get you step-by-step directions with live guidance through audio, if you have enabled it while you travel. Even if your attention is somewhere else, the audio will guide you to the route accordingly. 

It will also let you know how long you will take to arrive, you can use the arrival time of your ride and how many stops you are left to reach the destination.

  • User Reports

User reports is a feature that will report to you all the important data you need to know about the locality you are in.

  • Real-Time Alerts

The real-time alerts region will let you know about the issues ahead of time. The alerts can be used for emergency or unexpected distractions, traffic jams, new constructions, delays, etc.

  • Favourite

Did you like the recent city you visited? Favourite it and you can visit it a few more times ahead in future. You can do the same with the bus stations, railway stations, etc.

  • Maps View

The Maps view feature will allow you to view the routes, lines on the subway, stations and everything else on the map. You will be able to see your current location and with the direction you are headed to.


Below is the list of providers of Moovit app:

  1. It will use your current location to provide easy route information for your destination.
  2. The app offers an easy user interface.
  3. With the help of its maps view feature, you can also look at the nearby destination alternatives and landmarks.
  4. It is accurate and works systematically.
  5. You will be able to compare different rooms. For instance, it will give you results for the railway route, bus route and walking route and you will be able to compare which one is best for you.
  6. It offers the push notifications feature for service alerts on your routes.
  7. You get real-time and recently, last-minute updated information.
  8. The app supports over 50 major cities across the USA.


Below is the list of cons of the Moovit app:

  1. It is available in many cities and towns but not in all. It needs further expansion.

Moovit App Review: Is it Legit?

Yes, Moovit app is 100% legit. It is best known for its accuracy and last-minute updates. The information given on the app is precise and it is helpful for over 900 million users worldwide currently.

Final Words 

Moovit is a good app for exploring and receiving accurate routes. It is renowned for offering 100% free services.

Its additional features like offering a planner, the favourite feature to like and revisit the destinations and the Live alerts feature to alert you about the delays you are going to face ahead are all that make it better than similar apps in the market.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is Moovit app better than Google Maps?

No, Moovit App is good and works efficiently like Google maps but it is certainly not better than Google maps. Why? The main drawback of the moovit app is that it does not offer map services for every country, city and continent in the world like Google maps.