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Minecraft Error Code Obsidian [How to Fix]

Minecraft Error Code Obsidian [How to Fix]

Minecraft Error Code Obsidian: Minecraft is one of the most famous games currently in the world, not only because it has a totally different concept, but also because it includes multiple exciting features — enough to always keep you entertained, and on the edge.

Similarly, we have this thing where you can mine obsidian through a source of lava. As it allows you to craft new things, you can collect a bucket of lava and pour it into a water block to create obsidian.

However, many users who tried making obsidian failed because of the Minecraft error code of obsidian. But, you don’t need to worry anymore because this article includes a good bunch of helpful solutions to help you solve the problem. 

What is the Minecraft Error Code Obsidian?

The Minecraft Error Code Obsidian seems to be appearing when players try to connect to the gamers’ multiplayer server. 

Because of this error problem, you won’t be able to access servers, marketplace, and realms through any Microsoft accounts.

As for the cause or solution for this issue, since it doesn’t seem like a repetitive error problem, we don’t have any specific causes or solutions in mind. 

Yet, we do have a bunch of troubleshooting methods mentioned below that will do a good job of getting rid of the problem, at least temporarily.

How to Fix: Minecraft Error Code Obsidian

Check Your Internet Connection 

Right after facing the error problem, since the error is about connection, you must check your Internet connection and make sure the network is stable.

In case you find that it is unstable, then you can either try restarting the Internet source or switching to an alternative Internet source. 

Restart the Game

According to many users, restarting the game — everything from scratch, has helped perfectly, where you not only have to restart the game but also sign back into your bedrock edition and Microsoft account. 

Reinstall Minecraft

Oftentimes, because of an overload in data, the app might be attacked by bugs and glitches, which can be easily kicked out by simply deleting the Minecraft game app and reinstalling it from the relevant App Store. 

Use a VPN

We know that supporting the usage of VPN is not a good idea. 

But, at times, using a VPN will give you an opportunity to enter the platform with a different connection when your original connection is corrupted or not valid.

Therefore, we suggest using a VPN to enter the Minecraft app. 

Contact Minecraft Customer Care

If nothing helps, then the last option on the list is to contact customer care services. To do so, you will have to visit its official Contact Us page and fill in the details in the form.

If the aforementioned doesn’t help, then you can also reach out to them through different social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or YouTube. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I make obsidian in Minecraft?

If you aren’t able to make obsidian in Minecraft, you must remember that only stationary and not flowing lava is made to turn into obsidian.