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How to Fix: Meerkat Error Code Vc1 [2024]

How to Fix: Meerkat Error Code Vc1 [2024]

Meerkat Error Code Vc1: Meerkat movies is a promotional program offered by Compare the Market, which provides 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday.

Typically, you can get a Meerkat Movies code by purchasing something from Compare the Market and activate it. So, when activating their Meerkat movies offer, a lot of people have encountered the error code VC1.

If you’ve also encountered the same, don’t worry. In this article, we’ve mentioned a few solutions that can help you get rid of the Meerkat error code VC1.

What is Meerkat Error Code Vc1?

Meerkat error code Vc1 is associated with the Meerkat movies program. It typically occurs when there is an issue with the validation of your code when trying to claim the 2 for 1 cinema ticket offer.

Fix Meerkat Error Code Vc1

How to Fix: Meerkat Error Code Vc1

Before getting into the solution, first let’s understand what is a 2 for 1 cinema in Meerkat movies.

What is a 2 for 1 ticket in Meerkat movies?

In Meerkat movies, a 2 for 1 ticket means that you can get two cinema tickets for the price of one. And when you activate the Meerkat movies offer, you’ll get a unique code which you can present at the cinema box office to claim the discount.

Here are some solutions to fix the error code VC1 on Meerkat:

Check Server

According to what was mentioned on the official website, we can say that the error code VC1 can be a server related issue.

This was mentioned on the website – If the cinema’s website stalls, crashes or times out during booking, your code may lock. If this happens, wait 30 minutes, and try again.

So, if it is a server issue, all you can do is wait 30 minutes as mentioned above and try redeeming your Meerkat movies offer.

Double-Check the Code

There is a possibility that you might have entered the code incorrectly. Therefore, make sure you have entered it correctly by paying attention to any lowercase or uppercase letters, numbers, or any special characters.

Validity of the Code

Meerkat movies codes typically have an expiration date associated with them. So, at times, you might have forgotten to use your code in time.

This means, you might be trying to use a code that has expired and is in-valid. Thus, ensure that the code you are trying to use is still valid.

Check Eligibility

Confirm that you meet all the eligibility requirements for using the Meerkat movies offer. This usually comprises buying a qualifying product or service through Compare the Market and initiating the offer.

Contact Support

If none of the above solutions helped, you’ll have to reach out to Meerkat Movies customer service to get further assistance on the issue. So, contact them by clicking ‘NO’ on this page.

Or you can also contact them via email – [email protected] and send them a copy of your receipt.

Final Words:

Furthermore, make sure that you’ve not previously used your code and note that only one Meerkat movies code can be used per week.

And you can also try booking your tickets at an alternative cinema. So, we hope this article has helped you know how to fix the Meerkat error code VC1.


Why is my Meerkat movie code not working?

The Meerkat movies website might stall, crash, or times out while booking.

What is Meerkat code VC1?

Meerkat error Vc1 occurs when there is an issue with the validation of your code when trying to claim the 2 for 1 cinema ticket offer.

How do I get a Meerkat code?

You’ll need to make a qualifying purchase through Compare the Market to become a member and get the Meerkat movies code.