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Liftmaster Error Code 4-1 [How to Fix 2024]

Liftmaster Error Code 4-1 [How to Fix 2024]

Liftmaster Error Code 4-1 – Liftmaster offers a complete and combined solution for door automation for both industrial and residential buildings. 

Complaints of Liftmaster error 4-1 are not that rare when you browse online forums. Error code 4-1 on Liftmaster occurs when the operator senses too much force is being used to close the garage door. 

In this case, the garage door reverses off of the garage floor and returns to the position. Besides, the garage door stops and reverses before touching the garage floor and returns to the open position. 

In order to fix the issue, keep on reading the article where we will show you how to fix the 4-1 error code on Liftmaster. 

How to Fix: Liftmaster error code 4-1 

4-1 means that the up arrow will flash 4 times followed by the down arrow flashing 1 time. This issue can be fixed by the following solutions. 

Liftmaster Error Code 4-1

Remove Obstructions

Firstly, check if there is an obstruction because there is a possibility of an obstruction in the tracks. So, you might encounter this issue because of other material disrupting the communication between your devices. 

Fix Alignment 

We can say that the garage doors are not aligned properly. So, troubleshooting this error is not that difficult, all you need to do is to fix the alignment of the garage door. 

Here is another method to fix the error code 4-1 issue. Follow the steps: 

  1. Check that the door is balanced 
  2. Disengage the trolly release and then close the door halfway. Note that the door should stay in place 
  3. Now, move the door to test for resistance in the track and never lubricate the wheel track 
  4. Close the door, reconnect the trolley and access the buttons
  5. Hold the up and down button until the arrow flashes. Hold the up button till the door is in the required position and then push the adjustment button to save the setting. 
  6. Now, when the down arrow is flashed, hold the button till the desired position and push the adjustment button again to save the setting. 
  7. The up arrow should flash again so, push the arrow and the door will open to the saved position. Then push the adjustment button and do the same for the down arrow. 
  8. Finally, press the adjustment button again to complete the setup 

IMPORTANT: If you are inexperienced and do not know how to segregate the defective components, it is always better to take help of your nearest dealer. To locate dealers near you, visit this page

Furthermore, here are some issues and solutions regarding the error code 4-1 on Liftmaster

  1. Broken torsion spring – replace broken torsion springs 
  2. Grease or debris in the travel module – open travel module, clean windows in wheels
  3. Belt slip – install belt retaining cap 
  4. Worn rollers and broken/worn hinges – lubricate, replace or repair 
  5. Uneven garage floor – reprogram level and force adjustment or repair garage floor 
  6. RJO shaft collar slippage – tighten shaft collar 
  7. Down limit set too far – reprogram travel and force adjustments 
  8. Worn bearing in bearing plate – lubricate or replace bearing plate 
  9. Garage door out of balance – rebalance the garage door 
  10. Loose travel module drive gear – remove the cover, locate gear that turns travel module, tighten set screws 

Contact Liftmaster

Finally, the last thing you can do about the Liftmaster error 4-1 is to get in touch with the Liftmaster’s customer support. So, visit here and connect to the customer service. 

Final Words: Since too much force on the garage door will interfere with the proper operation of the safety reversal system, never increase the force beyond the minimum amount needed to close the door. 

Ideally, the issue will be fixed after fixing the alignment and removing any obstruction, but if the problem persists after all these solutions, contacting your near dealer is the best choice. 

Hopefully, the above article on Liftmaster error code 4-1 has helped you to fix the issue you are encountering. 

Frequently asked question

How do you clear a Liftmaster error?

The error can be fixed after fixing the alignment and removing any obstruction in the tracks.

How do I fix the error code 4-1 on Liftmaster?

Try to repair your garage floor, check for worn/broken rollers, hinges, and torsion springs, and view if the down limit is set too far. 

What is excessive closing force detected error code 4-1?

Error code 4-1 excessive closing force detected is to indicate that an obstruction, sticking or binding door was detected.  

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