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LeafyIsHere Ethnicity: Answered! [2024]

LeafyIsHere Ethnicity: Answered! [2024]

LeafyIsHere Ethnicity: LeafyIsHere is a popular YouTuber. His real name is Calvin Lee Vail, an American internet personality born in Utah on 18 August 1995. As of August 2024, he has posted over 600 videos on YouTube with close to 5 million subscribers.

Furthermore, LeafyIsHere was born and raised in the US and has the nationality of an American since birth. However, he has never talked about his ethnicity publicly, one of the main reasons why he’s doubted being a mixed race.

So, are you also interested in LeafyIsHere ethnicity and want to know why he never publicly stated his ethnicity? If yes, then you must continue reading this article, which also contains popular theories about LeafyIsHere’s ethnicity.

LeafyIsHere Ethnicity

Honestly, LeafyIsHere has never once revealed his ethnicity. On the contrary, he once talked about his grandmother being from China and also added that he is of a mixed race. 

In addition to this, some sources on the internet also say that his ancestry is from Sweden and Asia — all while he was born and grew up in the US.

LeafyIsHere Ethnicity

Why Has LeafyIsHere Never Publicly Stated His Ethnicity?

There’s no proper reason or official statement by LeafyIsHere saying why he has never publicly stated his ethnicity. He has never explicitly talked about his ethnicity in public, and has never once responded to questions about the same topic from his fans either.

Theories About LeafyIsHere’s Ethnicity 

Even though LeafyIsHere has never publicly talked about his ethnicity, and never openly revealed his ancestry, or about his parents, there were some hints here and there that certainly meant that he is of a mixed race.

For starters, he mentioned in one of his videos that he has a Chinese grandmother and also mentioned that he has been mistaken for being an Asian before. 

As for the result theories, most of them resulted in assuming that the YouTuber has an Asian mother and a European father.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How old is LeafyIsHere?

LeafyIsHere was born on 18th August 1995, so as of August 2024, he is 28 years old.