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Does Ian Somerhalder Have Cancer? [2024]

Does Ian Somerhalder Have Cancer? [2024]

Does Ian Somerhalder Have Cancer?: Ian Joseph Somerhalder, professionally known as Ian Somerhalder, is an American actor, well known for playing the role of Damon Salvatore in the supernatural drama series, The Vampire Diaries.

Sadly, the global crush was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer named ocular melanoma back in 2009. He underwent surgery and was given the green light of all-clear in 2010. Yet, even now, there are rumors saying that he still has cancer.

So, does Ian Somerhalder have cancer? Even after he underwent surgery, there are many speculations across the Internet, and if you want to know the truth, then you must continue reading this article. 

Does Ian Somerhalder Have Cancer?

No, as of August 2024, Ian Somerhalder doesn’t have cancer. He was indeed diagnosed with a rare eye cancer, which is only seen in about 2000 people each year in the US, called ocular melanoma, in 2009. But, as already mentioned, he underwent surgery and was given the green light in 2010.

Since then, Ian Somerhalder has taken the role of an advocate for cancer awareness and research and has also spoken about his personal experience with cancer – hoping to help those who are currently going through the same. 

Does Ian Somerhalder Have Cancer

Is Ian Somerhalder Cancer Free?

Yes, Ian Somerhalder is cancer free. After he underwent surgery in 2009, the treatment ended in 2010 and the surgery was successful and he had his tumor removed successfully. 

Since then, he has been open about his experience and has also spoken in support of the importance of cancer awareness and research. He’s also a co-founder of Ian Somerhalder Foundation, a place that supports cancer research and patient care. 

In addition to that, somewhere in 2015, he was named the National Ambassador for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and also worked with the American Cancer Society and Melanoma Research Foundation. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Ian Somerhalder married?

Yes, Ian Somerhalder was married in 2015 to Nikki Reed, and together, they have one child, as of August 2024.

Is Ian Somerhalder British?

No, Ian Somerhalder is not British. He was American from birth, born in Covington, Louisiana, the US.

Is Ian Somerhalder dating Nina Dobrev?

No, Ian Somerhalder is not dating Nina Dobrev, because as of August 2024, he is still married to Nikki Reed.