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Is Slide Jewelry Legit? You Need to Know This! [2024]

Is Slide Jewelry Legit? You Need to Know This! [2024]

Is Slide Jewelry Legit: Jewelry is a woman’s most beloved accessory. Women of all ages love to wear various types of jewelry, ranging from earrings to anklets, during festivals, marriages, or any other social event. 

Not only women but every gender is fascinated by jewelry and likes wearing it. Many brands are emerging online as jewelry providers to cater to this expanding need. 

One name in this big industry of jewelry is Slide Jewelry. But is this online business named Slide Jewelry legit? Let's find out in this article.

What is Slide Jewelry?

Slide Jewelry is a premium stainless steel quality jewelry online store. They provide luxurious and affordable jewelry from the comfort of your home. Their jewelry is made of high-quality stainless steel material with 18k gold plating. Moreover, their products are known for their high water resistance. ‘

The manifesto of Slide Jewelry is that its products are made of high-quality materials. They design and craft jewelry according to everyone’s taste. And the last point is that they do not use plastic to be more eco-friendly.

Slide Jewelry has several plan options for its customers, ranging from $40 per month. The monthly jewelry boxes are mentioned below:

  1. Honey – Contains gold plated bracelet and necklace
  2. Baby – Includes a ring
Is Slide Jewelry Legit

What Products Does Slide Jewelry Sell?

Slide Jewels sells pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, and rings. They claim their jewelry to be of high-end quality and affordable. And they claim their jewelry to be waterproof and tarnish-free. The necklaces are also aesthetically impressive and have eye-catching and detailed designs.

The rings sold by Slide Jewelry are made up of brass, and they are not waterproof. Hence, it cannot be worn in a shower or in water. They claim that their jewelry is long-lasting except for the rings, which are made of brass.

Is Slide Jewelry Legit or Scam?

Slide jewelry is a scam. The regulators of the website Slide Jewelry are doing a kind of influencer scam, a deceptive marketing technique. In this kind of scam, the user or the website owner contacts you on Instagram, allowing you to work with them and earn as a brand ambassador. 

It rarely happens that the brand itself contacts you. Mostly, any other account with a non suspicious username on Instagram will contact you, directing you to the primary brand account. The brand representative on Instagram will ask you to purchase their products using a discount coupon, in which case they will provide them for free but only ask you to pay the delivery fee. $10 or more as a delivery fee. Suspicious right?  

Let us tell you that it is another marketing technique to attract people to order from the website. So if you receive these messages on your Instagram, avoid falling for them. 

Their website is filled with negative reviews. They say Slide Jewelry charges for the shipping, and the cost increases every other time. 

In conclusion, they are making money from only their ambassadors and not the actual customers. They play a great game, which you may need to learn. They inflate the prices of products on online shopping websites like Ali Express, contact potential influencers to buy from them, and ask you to sell the products as a brand ambassador.