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Is Toby Greene Married? [Revealed 2024]

Is Toby Greene Married? [Revealed 2024]

Is Toby Greene Married: Toby Greene is an immensely talented Australian footballer. He has captured many fans' hearts with his on-field performances and has been in the news because of his personal life. 

The question, “Is Toby Greene married?” has been in the minds of his fans and the media. Join us in this article to take a clear look at the romantic life of a sports legend. 

Is Toby Greene Married? 

Toby Greene is not married but has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Georgia Stirton, since 2019, and they also have a cute daughter together. 

Stirton's nationality is Australian, as she was born and raised there. They have never publicly spoken about their marriage plans, but in an interview, Toby stated that he is pleased with his girlfriend, Stirton, and they make a great team. 

According to Greene, his relationship with Stirton has been a great source of stability. In an interview, he said that his girlfriend is the biggest supporter in his life. 

Who is Toby Greene?

Toby Green is a professional Australian football player. He is the captain of the Greater Western Sydney Giants and had an overall selection of 11th in the 2011 national draft. In 2016, Toby was selected for the All-Australian team as the half-forward flank. He won the Kevin Sheedy Medal in 2016 as the best and fairest. 

Toby Greene was also known as the co-captain of the Giants ahead of the 2022 AFL season before becoming the solo captain in 2024. Tobby Green is one of his team’s highest-paid players. A well-known and internationally recognized brand, Nike, has also endorsed Greene. 

He won his maiden AFL in 2019 and defeated the West Coast Eagles at Telstra Stadium in Sydney by one point. 

Is Toby Greene Married

Toby Greene's Relationship with Georgia Stirton

Toby Greene’s and Georgia’s relationship has been a subject of interest for their fans and the media since they publicized their romantic relationship in 2020 on Georgia’s birthday. 

The fans were astonished to see the picture of this beautiful couple, which was posted on Instagram by Toby on his girlfriend’s birthday, August 24, 2020. He added the caption: “Happy Birthday, Young Angel! Can’t Wait To See You.” 

Moreover, they were recently seen spending quality time together at Tamarama Beach in Sydney's east.