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Is Kelly Osbourne Gay? [Revealed 2024]

Is Kelly Osbourne Gay? [Revealed 2024]

Is Kelly Osbourne Gay?: Kelly Michelle Lee Osbourne, professionally known as Kelly Osbourne, is an English, television, personality, actress, model, fashion designer, and singer. She’s the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, who also appeared on the reality show The Osbournes. 

Additionally, she was born on 27 October 1984, in Westminster, London, the UK. She has 5 siblings, and she is a mother to one child. Apart from all this, there are many rumors circulating across the Internet, including Kelly Osbourne‘s sexual orientation.

Yes, there are many fans who want to know her actual sexual orientation. Is Kelly Osbourne gay? Is Kelly Osbourne lesbian? And many such questions are being asked. So, if you’re also interested to know the correct answers to these questions, then continue reading the article below.

Is Kelly Osbourne Gay?

No, Kelly Osbourne is not gay or lesbian, because, although she has been in relationships with both genders, she has never once called herself a lesbian. 

Overall, she is not exactly comfortable with all the rumors and speculation going around about her sexual orientation, and she is clearly disturbed by the mess.

Is Kelly Osbourne Gay

Evidence That Kelly Osbourne is Gay

We don’t have any official evidence stating that Kelly Osbourne is lesbian. 

Yet, she has talked about her attraction being divided for both genders, and in 2016 in one of the interviews, she said she doesn’t like to define her sexuality and that she can be anything she wants.

Moreover, in 2018 in an interview with Rolling Stone, she said that she was once in a relationship with a female and she didn’t feel comfortable about labeling herself. 

To her, it felt like she was putting herself in a box with no freedom to choose whatever she wanted to be. 

Kelly Osbourne’s Views on the LGBTQ Community

Since she has been in relationships with both genders and has openly supported the LGBTQ community, it is safe to say that Kelly Osbourne’s views on the LGBT community are all positive and in support of the society.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Kelly Osbourne British?

Yes, Kelly Osbourne is British, and she was born in Westminster, London, the UK.

Is Kelly Osbourne alive?

Yes, Kelly Osbourne is still alive as of September 2024, and currently, she is 38 years old.