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Is Hakai Culture Legit? [Answered 2024]

Is Hakai Culture Legit? [Answered 2024]

Is Hakai Culture Legit?: Hakai culture is a clothing brand that involves Japanese culture with streetwear to create a clothing style with uniqueness and twists. Along with that, it’s also quite well-known for offering a wide collection of anime and manga clothing.

Yes, the Japanese culture and design have brought in a good amount of customers, but, sadly, the brand doesn’t hold quite a good reputation, since there are plenty of negative comments by users, enough to make one ask — is Hakai Culture legit?

If you have also stumbled upon these negative comments and complaints on the Internet, but are interested in trying the label, then you might also want to know — Is Hakai Culture Legit? Is it safe to buy from Hakai Culture?

Is Hakai Culture Legit?

Is Hakai Culture Legit

Yes, the Hakai Culture clothing brand is legit and a real clothing brand. It has quite a fan base for its Japanese culture design blending well with streetwear — establishing many new looks and a unique style.

Moreover, Hakai Culture seems to have received good ratings and reviews from the majority of the customers. 

However, we still can’t neglect the fact that the label has received quite a bad reputation for many things and overall services too. 

Yes, although it passes the test for being legit, with all the negative comments we have read in our research, it’s quite hard to give it a pass for recommendation.

In addition to that, the customers have not only complained about bad customer service, and the overall system, but many have also stated that the quality of the products is extremely disappointing and clothes are literally see-through. 

Here, prices are not the exact or direct problem, but, with the cheap quality in mind and the majority of negative reviews mentioning bad quality, you might not get a product worth the price you paid. 

Positive and Negative Highlights

Positive Notes

Good Designs & Evolving

Since the brand supports a totally new style and fashion, it has plenty of room to improve and evolve, which also automatically brings in many options to choose from. 

Anime & Manga Merchandise at Reasonable Prices

Yes, you might know plenty of online as well as physical stores selling anime and manga apparel merchandise, but not all of them offer the product at reasonable prices, and that’s why, Hakai Culture should be highlighted for the same. 

Negative Notes

Poor Quality

The poor quality of the clothes, as already mentioned above, seems to be a big issue for many. A few complained that the quality was way too cheap for the price they paid, while the others received almost transparent clothes, and were so disappointed that they had to return it without a second thought. 

Bad Customer Service & Overall Service

Whether it’s about returning a product or inquiring about issues and doubts, the customer service of the Hakai Culture brand doesn’t seem to satisfy many customers. While some were left unattended for weeks, others straightforwardly received damaged parcels and had to go through a whole lot of hassle to return.

Final Words 

As you might have already read in our article above, Hakai Culture doesn’t seem to be a fake brand, in fact, we saw plenty of good reviews and people praising its products and services, which was convincing enough. 

On the contrary, it’s still quite concerning to see so many bad reviews and ratings by other customers.

In conclusion, the whole mixture of so many good and bad ratings is quite confusing, and therefore, we leave it up to you to decide that — although the Hakai Culture brand is legit, are you really interested in trying it? Or must you check out some other brand? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Hakai Culture real?

Yes, the Hakai Culture clothing brand is real, it is a legit clothing brand that mixes Japanese culture with street style to create a unique type of clothing collection. 

Is Hakai Culture reliable? 

Honestly, although Hakai Culture has received positive ratings and reviews almost everywhere on the Internet, it still has a lot of negative comments and many people complaining about it, especially the quality of the clothes and customer service.