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Is GameStop Pro Worth It? [Reviewed 2024]

Is GameStop Pro Worth It? [Reviewed 2024]

Is GameStop Pro Worth It?: GameStop is a well-known video game, gaming merchandise, and consumer electronics retail brand – known as the biggest video game retailer globally. It’s a popular platform for trade-in for a variety of categories – including Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation games, consoles, accessories, and systems.

Indeed, GameStop sounds like the ultimate platform for gamers who actually value their time gaming, with only the best gaming accessories. Likewise, the same GameStop platform has an interesting membership program coming with multiple benefits at a fairly reasonable rate.

But, Is GameStop Pro Worth it? What are the extra pros and cons of GameStop pro membership? What does the benefits list include? If you also want to know everything about the GameStop pro membership and if it’s worth it, then this article including the GameStop pro review is exactly what you need. 

What Is GameStop Pro?

GameStop Pro is just the advanced version of the original GameStop store, a paid membership program that will give you access to over five extra benefits. 

The GameStop Pro membership includes all the categories available with GameStop, and you get to shop from a variety of pre-owned video games, video game accessories, and tech items, along with trading cards, toys, apparel, and collectibles.

Additionally, all these rewards are also applied on the clearance items where you can just save more — and get exclusive benefits on well-known brands such as Geekner and Modern Icons. 

Key Highlights

Monthly Reward

The $5 monthly pro reward is helpful in saving throughout the year – since you will be saving $5 off on one item every month, totalling up to $60 in total yearly savings at GameStop. 

Welcome & Renewal Rewards

The welcome reward is a flat $10 discount on all the products available in the store, and you also get a $5 discount whenever you renew the pro membership. 

Exclusive Deals and Products Launches

The pro membership gives exclusive VIP access to all the special sales and deals in the store as well as product drops. Also, you will get to enjoy week-long sales. 

Game Informer

All the members have unlimited digital access to the most respected and exciting gaming magazines in the gaming industry – Game Informer. 


The GameStop pro membership only has a yearly plan that charges $25 per year and is auto-renewable. 

Pros & Cons


  • The pricing for the pro membership is quite reasonable since the list of benefits is good. 
  • If you choose to sell your gear to GameStop, then you’ll get an extra 10% store credit or cash deposited in your wallet.
  • Whenever you purchase anything, each dollar spent in the order will equal 20 points – which can be further redeemed for all types of purchases.  


  • The monthly claim of a $5 discount will go to waste for all those who don’t buy from GameStop every month since the monthly $5 reward for past months can't be added up and spent together.
  • There’s no monthly plan. 

Is GameStop Pro Worth It?

Now, with all the highlights and data mentioned above, it seems like the GameStop Pro membership is a good shot, but the reality is quite different. 

For starters, when it comes to pre-owned products from GameStop, we have seen many customers complaining about the poor quality of the products. Yes, since they are already used, we can imagine that they won’t be in the original condition, but being fairly torn with some parts gone is — just not right.

In addition to that, the monthly rewards and welcoming rewards are all exciting, but not everyone among us buys from GameStop every month. 

Also, let’s not ignore that many of us have faced big glitches while shopping at GameStop often, which has also given us a taste of its poor customer service. 

In conclusion, although the GameStop pro seems worth it, we will highly suggest you rethink buying at all from GameStop, because if the products are not in the right condition for the price you pay, then what’s the point of shopping at GameStop and getting the GameStop pro membership?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do GameStop Pro members get discounts?

Yes, all the GameStop Pro members get a 5% discount on more than the usual list of categories in the store. You will receive a 5% discount on all the pre-owned video games, accessories, consoles, and tech in the store.

Is GameStop Pro monthly or yearly?

The GameStop Pro membership is only yearly and costs $25 per month.