Is Evil Queen Trans? [Answered 2023]

Is Evil Queen Trans

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Is Evil Queen Trans?: In the world of TikTok, gender identity often becomes a subject of inquiry for creators. While some openly discuss their identity, others find these questions repetitive and potentially disruptive to their transition socially. 

One such creator is Evil Queen, also known as Chelsea Harwood, who has candidly responded to inquiries about her gender identity in the past.

In this article, we will address the ongoing speculation surrounding Evil Queen’s gender identity and answer: Is Evil Queen trans? To know all the details, continue reading.

Is Evil Queen Trans?

Yes, Chelsea Harwood, widely recognized as Evil Queen, is a transgender and has undergone plastic surgery as part of her transition.

Hailing from Liverpool, she has made appearances in Desperate Scousewives, a reality TV series. Evil Queen gained fame on TikTok with her rendition of ‘Defying Gravity’ from Wicked and recently secured an exclusive contract with Facebook Gaming. 

Is Evil Queen Trans

Evidence that Evil Queen is Trans 

Chelsea has herself confirmed that she is, in fact, a transgender as evidence. She has said that she doesn’t look in the mirror and think of herself as trans, but rather as a woman. She mentioned that constant discussions about her transition have made her more socially aware of it.

Evil Queen’s Views on the Transgender Community 

TikToker Evil Queen has not made explicit statements about the transgender community, but she has openly acknowledged her own transgender identity. 

Additionally, in the past year, she encountered transphobic messages from fellow TikToker Banter Queen, resulting in legal consequences for the latter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Evil Queen?

Hailing from Liverpool, Evil Queen also known as Chelsea Harwood, is a reality TV star recognised for appearing in Desperate Scousewives, a reality TV series.

Is Evil Queen transgender?

Yes, Chelsea Harwood, known as Evil Queen, is a transgender and has undergone plastic surgery during her transition.

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