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Is BuyMyTrip Legit? The Truth About This Flight Booking Site!

Is BuyMyTrip Legit? The Truth About This Flight Booking Site!

Is BuyMyTrip Legit?: Today, we have so many third-party platforms helping us buy airline tickets at a bit cheaper prices compared to official airline sites. However, not all of them are true and safe to use, even when their business body and concept are legitimate.

Now, why are we talking about such websites? Because, recently we have had a similar kind of third-party platform named BuyMyTrip, which seems to offer you cheaper flight tickets to many popular cities and places. 

Likewise, there are many negative reviews about this third-party platform on the Internet, and many have called the same site a total borderline scam and fraud. 

So, Is BuyMyTrip Legit? Is BuyMyTrip a scam? If you’re also interested to know, then we are glad to inform you that the article mentioned below contains the exact answers for the same. 

Is BuyMyTrip Legit?

Yes, BuyMyTrip is 100% legit, it’s a real platform where, as it says, you can find multiple offers and deals on travel trivia and flights to popular cities and countries. 

Is BuyMyTrip a Scam?

BuyMyTrip is a legit site, as already mentioned above, but, according to many customer reviews, it has clearly scammed a lot of its customers.

For some, their flights got canceled, and they have been waiting for the refund for ages. For others, the customer service only copy-pastes an auto-generic message, and there’s no progress or real help provided by its customer service team. 

Final Words

In conclusion, although BuyMyTrip is a real website, it has scammed far too many customers to be called even an average third-party website for booking airline tickets.

Therefore, we suggest you either try some other reputable third-party websites or directly buy tickets from real airline platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is BuyMyTrip safe?

To be honest with you, BuyMyTrip is a real and officially existing third-party website. But, it seemed to have conned quite a lot of customers, and many had a bad experience with them – which means, BuyMyTrip it’s not entirely safe to buy tickets from. 

Is BuyMyTrip a legitimate site?

Yes, BuyMyTrip is a legitimate site, a truly existing company. However, it has more bad reviews than good reviews on the Internet, and many seemed to be complaining about its refund policy and customer care service.

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