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Instories App Review: Explained [2024]

Instories App Review: Explained [2024]

Instories App Review: Instories is a mobile application that creates and edits engaging and eye-catching Instagram Stories. It provides various tools and features to enhance and customize stories, allowing you to create professional-looking content for your Instagram profiles.

So, what is the Instories app? What are its features? What is the process like, and how much does it cost? Continue reading further to find out the answers to all of these questions.

In this article, we’ve mentioned a detailed Instories app review where you’ll get everything you want to know about the Instories app.

What is Instories app?

With the app Instories, you can quickly and easily create eye-catching graphics for social media. This all-in-one tool handles most content requirements, from giving ideas and sources through to video production.

The app contains animation templates made by professionals. It is customizable and can handle most content requirements, from offering ideas and resources to video editing.

You may easily edit photographs and movies using the user-friendly interface, and you can express your dynamic design ideas for both personal and professional use. You can design content that fits all major social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat & others.

Instories App Review

Key Features

  • The app has an intuitive interface with flexible settings.
  • You can choose a collage that matches the theme of the other users’ account on Instagram and other social media and then fill it with suitable content.
  • It will help you create stories on Instagram and other social media using personal photos and videos.
  • It has various animated effects and fonts for any purpose.
  • It allows you to add music to videos, making your posts complete music videos.
  • Over 500 ready-made designer templates for every occasion and they can be changed and edited at your discretion.
  • You can create stories that stand out by using paper-cut templates for animated paper collage effects.
  • You can use a sticker library to upgrade your template designs and place callouts for a professional visual representation of your product pricing.

How does it work?

Use of the Instories app is super easy, and by following the steps mentioned below, you’ll have no problem using the app:

On your mobile device, you need to download and install the app.

Open the Instories app and sign in with your Instagram account.

Explore the available templates within Instories and choose the one that best fits your desired style and content.

Once you've selected a template, you can customize it with your content. It includes adding photos, videos, text, and other elements to the template.

Use Instories’ editing tool to enhance your stories further. It may include adjusting colors, applying filters, cropping or resizing media, and adding effects to make your stories visually appealing.

Preview your completed stories within the Instories app to ensure they look the way you want them to. If necessary, make any alterations or revisions.

Save your completed stories to your device's gallery or share them with your Instagram account.


Instories offers both free and paid versions. It offers a 3-day free trial. With the free version, you can access all the basic features like tools and filters, minimal templates, animations, and the option to add stickers, and music, and change the background.

However, if you want to use the full app functionality, you should activate the premium version.

Premium version:

  • Instories weekly subscription: $4.99
  • Instories monthly subscription: $14.99
  • Instories 6-month subscription: $49.99
  • Instories annual subscription: $119.99

If you can see more plans, visit here.

Is Instories app legit?

Yes. InStories is a legit app. The app has received positive feedback from users. Based on this response, we can say it is 100% safe and secure.


Is Instories app worth it?

With its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set, Instories is a versatile application. For every event, including holidays, business, online education, lifestyle, Tiktok & reel editing, and more, use one of over 500 ready-made designer themes.

What does Instories app do?

Instories, you can quickly and easily create beautiful designs. With its featured templates, creating stunning visuals for any occasion only requires a few clicks. It provides you with all the necessary resources and choices to create your designs easily.

Is Instories app free?

Both iOS and Android users can access Instagram. For the first three days, all tools and filters function. The Minimal template, fundamental animations, and the ability to add stickers, music, and background changes are all still available in the free version after the trial period.