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InShot vs CapCut: Which is Better? [2024]

InShot vs CapCut: Which is Better? [2024]

InShot vs CapCut: InShot and CapCut are two of the most popular video editing and making apps that allow you to create content for all types of social media platforms. They are well-known globally for offering a good list of tools and features to make video making and editing much easier.

However, which among these is the best video editing app for you? If you were wondering about the same, then how about you have a look at our InShot vs CapCut detailed comparison article mentioned below? 

InShot vs CapCut: Overview 


InShot is a powerful video editor and photo editor with basic as well as advanced tools. It is useful for creating a good variety of content like HD status for WhatsApp, videos for TikTok reels, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and more.

InShot offers professional editing features to record your fun-filled and precious moments of regular life and become an influencer on different social media platforms. So, even if you wish to create small or big videos for different things like small businesses, the app will still do a good job of helping you. 

InShot vs CapCut


CapCut is another video editor and maker with music for different types of social media platforms including TikTok and Instagram. It is known to be a powerful platform to create all types of trendy content created by popular editors and artists.

Here you get to create fancy videos with unique features like trending styles and motion tracking. And learn professional editing skills to see true personality or talent go viral on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.

CapCut vs InShot

InShot vs CapCut: Popularity and User Experience 


Starting with the popularity of InShot, it has certainly skyrocketed with over 10 million downloads from both the app stores – one of the reasons behind it is InShot’s easy user interface.

Even a new editor in this field can make a simple video easily. And as expected from a well-known video editor app, InShot guides you in using all the tools when it is your first time using the app to help you get the idea of what you can do with the app and what type of content you can create with few easy steps.


CapCut too has millions of users globally using its services but compared to InShot, it has only half. 

Although the app comes with a detailed guide for all its features, the user interface can be a bit hard to understand at the start for new editors. However, with a little bit of studying the app overall, anyone can create the type of content they want. 

And when it comes to popularity, InShot has an upper hand without any doubt. As for the user interfaces, with a little understanding of software, both apps are easy to use and understand.

Winner: InShot for both and CapCut for user experience.

InShot vs CapCut: Transitions and Audiences


Transitions are a new trend with varieties of content which let you make your boring content interesting and the same you can do with InShot transitions. The app offers both basic and super transactions with a good variety in each category and with just one tap you can add the transition to your video. 

Now talking about the audiences, if you are a content creator on different social media platforms – InShot is one of the most helpful tools in creating content, whether it is basic or some sort of advanced material. 

Additionally, it can also be helpful when you run a business. And since the app can create a big, medium and small size of videos, you can use it to add videos on your websites too. 


With CapCut, you can pull out various types of transitions, whether it is basic or advanced, with just one tap. And since it updates its inventory according to the new trends on the internet, you can follow up on trending styles, whether it is 3-D zoom, auto velocity, or new flash transition.

Now talking about the audiences, CapCut is best in use if you are a content creator or a kind of influencer on social media platforms. 

You can create different types of content, and when you run a small business, CapCut can do a great job to capture people's attention with good quality editing skills and videos.

For transitions, CapCut has basic as well as advanced transitions and so does InShot, but when it comes to quality and the type of content you can create, CapCut is a step ahead. Nonetheless, both apps can be used to create a variety of content for content creators and  businessmen, so both have a win-win for this category.

Winner: CapCut for both and InShot for audiences.

InShot vs CapCut: Basic Editing Tools


At InShot, you get all the basic editing tools like ‘trim and cut’ video where you can trim videos or cut the starting or ending part of them, ‘add music’ from the app’s library or your downloaded tracks, ‘add text’ in the entire video with a difference in fonts, text, size, etc.

Furthermore, you also get stickers and relevant content from the app to add to your videos and get to use diverse effects, filters, and more tools like blurring the background, changing the background, changing the size and type of canvases, and more. 


Whether it is filters or diversified things to change the tone and type of your video – CapCut has it all. It consists of all the basic tools like trimming, adding filters, transitions, colors, music from its library as well as from your downloaded track list, adding text with a different font, sizes, stickers, emojis and more.

In short, it has all the basic features from start to end to help you make a video within a few minutes. 

Winner: Both

InShot vs CapCut: Key Highlights 


  1. It offers over 1000 stickers through which you can add funny memes to your pictures and videos.


  1. Has the PIP feature where you can add a picture from your library onto your video or picture in the video and customize its size and crop it if you want.
  2. Use the keyframe animation where your video takes an advanced turn towards animation style.
  3. The chroma key feature is also added in case you wish to change the tone of some parts of your video entirely.
  4. The stabilization tool will help you capture the right and perfect moments in the video.

Winner: CapCut for obvious reasons. 

InShot vs CapCut: Pros and Cons



  • Offers a free version where you can use all its basic features to your heart's content.
  • You get to decide the quality of the export before downloading the video on your device.
  • You can directly share your video from the app to any social media platform or other apps like WhatsApp, email, etc without needing to download it.


  • You won’t get to use all the features and content unless you pay for it.



  • It adds new effects, tools, transitions, styles, etc based on trending styles on the Internet.
  • Since it is a free platform, you can use the majority of its basic and a few advanced features and tools unlimitedly.
  • You can share the video from the app directly to your social media page – without downloading it to your device. 


  • The user interface can be a little bit tricky at first.

InShot vs CapCut: Pricing and Plans


InShot comes with three pricing plans including the following,

  1. $3.99 per month.
  2. $14.99 per year with a 3-day free trial.
  3. $34.99 for one time charge and lifetime access.


CapCut is 100% free.

InShot vs CapCut: Which one is better?

To start with, both InShot and CapCut can be used for different types of audiences and both platforms are worth trying by professionals as well as new editors. Both the apps offer basic as well as advanced features like transitions, effects, filters, adjusting, etc but when it comes to more variety and tools – CapCut has an upper hand.

Also, let’s not forget about the fact that CapCut offers a good list of extra advanced tools like masking, chroma key, overlay, enhancement, etc which you simply can’t find at InShot, even after paying for the subscription. On top of that, it is 100% free to use whereas for InShot, you have to pay to use additional features.

So, with this, we have concluded that while both the video editing apps mentioned in this article are good enough for all types of editing, if you want to start learning video editing by creating simple yet trending styles and videos then InShot is your answer.

On the contrary, in case you don't want to pay a single penny and know what you want to create, and are aware of most of the video editing tools in video editing apps then to get to an even more advanced level of editing, you must try CapCut. 

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Frequently asked Questions 

Is CapCut a better editing app than InShot?

For several reasons – Yes, CapCut is a better editing app than InShot and it is also 100% free, unlike InShot. 

Is CapCut the best editing app?

Yes, CapCut is the best editing app because while it is 100% free, it also offers everything including tools, music, and content like stickers, etc.