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iExit App Review: Online Travel Guide, Is it Legit? [2024]

iExit App Review: Online Travel Guide, Is it Legit? [2024]

iExit App Review: Do you hate having to stop while driving because you need something, but you're not sure which exit to take to get there? You may have found some apps like iExit that can help you address the problem by providing an easy-to-read interface that displays each exit along your route along with its exit number, street name, and distance from your present location.

But, is it really helpful and trustworthy? To know all the details about the iExit app, including whether it is helpful or not, you must have a look at our iExit app review mentioned in the article below.


With the use of the travel utility app iExit, you can locate additional nearby amenities when driving on interstates, such as gas stations, public restrooms, restaurants, and other businesses. It informs you of the goods and services that will be available at the following and subsequent highway exits.

This software is a lifesaver throughout your travels. Additionally, it displays the distance to the following exit with a moving “odometer” and deletes each exit as you pass it. It only functions on limited access highways in the United States, the majority of which are recognized Interstates.

iExit also lets you filter the results to only show you the places you might want to go. You can also save your favorite places for quick reference the next time you’re out on that route. In certain circumstances, the app will even give you the cost of a few other hotels before directing you to your final decision.

iExit App Review

Key Features

  • Look for restrooms, gas stations, local restaurants, and countless more facilities and services.
  • View the services at the next one hundred exits while keeping track of your current position.
  • With the help of it, you can clearly understand what is ahead and where to find it.
  • Compare gas prices at various stations.
  • Look for hotels three miles or less from the exits.
  • Call the appropriate service or get directions.
  • You won't have to waste time switching between difficult searches and tabs because of its excellent and simple interface.
  • Additionally, it’s GPS tracker aids in interstate navigation so that you do not accidentally go uncharted and hazardous paths.
  • It functions with shoddy network connections.
  • The app is small and doesn't demand any needless registrations or logins.
  • To prevent any disinformation, new services and utilities are continuously added, and the costs of gas and fuel are verified frequently.

Pricing and Plans

For Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad), the “light” version of iExit Guide is available without charge, while the full version is now $.99 for iOS.

Is It Really Helpful?

The iExit app is helpful not only because it gives users all the details about nearby establishments and services, but also because it saves time by eliminating the need to go through uncharted territory and potentially hazardous terrain.

It locates everything you need in one location and directs you there. iExit has everything you could possibly need, and it is continually adding new necessities.

How does iExit work?

iExit mainly depends on the GPS incorporated into your device and the free travel information offered by

Every listing in the app contains a map, a phone number, the distance in miles between the business and your current location, the distance from the off-ramp, and more. Oddly enough, you will just get a map with directions and no actual addresses for the sites.

You can “star” popular restaurants and hotel chains in the app's directory so that you can add them to your list of favorites. Once an entry has been marked as one of your favorites, it will take precedence over other options for that route.

The software responded quickly, which is sometimes important when exits are closing quickly. Because of the user interface's simplicity and lack of distractions, getting to your next destination will be stress-free.

Is iExit Interstate Exit Guide Legit?

Yes. A completely legitimate app is iExit Interstate Exit Guide. In order to assess if users think the app is real or not, over 6,823 user reviews for the iExit Interstate Exit Guide were put through its NLP machine learning method. In light of this, the iExit Interstate Exit Guide's Justuseapp Legitimacy Score is 51.1/100.

Final words

Whether you frequently travel or just want to be ready for your next family vacation, iExit is a useful tool to take with you while driving. Locating sites of interest is simple and quick thanks to the app's user-friendly layout.

We hope that after reading our iExit app review, you have all the information you need to use the app with trust.


Is the app free or do we need to pay for it?

iExit App is absolutely free to use. However, if you want to try its premium features, you can also buy a premium subscription.

How does iExit work?

You can use it to search for campgrounds, diesel, or other fuels as well as brands and company names. Even more specific information, such as parking options and scale locations, is provided by iExit for truckers and RV drivers. Additionally, it offers rest locations in case all you need is a quick break.

How much does iExit app cost?

Compatibility: A “lite” version of iExit Guide is free for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad), and the full version is currently $99 for iOS.