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How to Watch The Office for Free Without Peacock? [2024]

How to Watch The Office for Free Without Peacock? [2024]

The Office is a popular sitcom television series. Released in 2005, it has 14 seasons and talks about exploitation scenes of a paper supply company in Scranton. Including a variety of unique characters, the series takes its time to have a look at each of their lives. 

Moreover, The television series is popular on Peacock — an over-the-top video streaming service provider from the US, founded in 2020 and home to hundreds of original and third-party TV shows. 

Now, why are we suddenly talking about The Office and Peacock? Peacock is a paid service that has many people wondering how to watch for free without Peacock – but, if you’re one of them, then don’t worry, because all you have to do is continue reading the article below. 

How to Watch The Office for Free Without Peacock?

Unfortunately, The Office is not available for free on any streaming platform, but below are some ways you try to watch it for free:

Use Other Streaming Services 

If you don’t wish to use Peacock for streaming, you can always try other streaming platforms because The Office is available on plenty of others, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crackle, Xumo, VIX, Pluto TV, and a few more. 

However, note that this is not a free method, and you are going to have to pay to use each service provider’s services. 

Rent or Purchase

If you don’t wish to pay for the whole subscription, then you always have the option of renting or purchasing the movie from some of the similar digital retailers and service providers, including Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play Store, and Vudu. 

Moreover, the main advantage of renting or purchasing The Office is that you will have to pay a lot less than a subscription, and for some retailers, the series will be available for more than just a month.

Try Free Trials

Trying the free trials for the one service provider you haven’t tried yet is probably the easiest method among others – where you have to follow the usual process, get yourself at least 7 days, and enjoy not only this TV series but also other content.

Borrow From Someone

We know this method will not amuse many – but if you have someone who has paid for a subscription plan for a streaming service, that also streams The Office, then it is your cue to take advantage and borrow their account credentials for some time.

Also, the best part is that almost all the streaming service providers allow you to change the password whenever you want.  

Use a VPN

We are aware that using a VPN is not recommended because it uses harmful and illegal networks to provide your Internet – but, if you are not able to stream The Office due to regional limitations, then using a VPN is probably the last option you have. 

Note: We know we have mentioned an illegal method, but you are already informed of its consequences, and we highly suggest you go for other legal methods and only resort to the last one when you’re out of options.

Final Words

Apart from the method mentioned in this article, the Internet might have plenty more ways you can watch The Office for free without Peacock.

However, do you know if those methods and websites are safe? And even if they are, the process might take time.

Instead, we suggest you try the easiest method mentioned above and enjoy streaming The Office with your loved ones.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope you know how to watch for free without Peacock. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I watch The Office for free on Peacock?

No, since Peacock is a paid streaming service provider you can’t watch The Office for free on Peacock, unless you have the option of a free trial. 

How to watch The Office without Peacock?

To watch The Office without Peacock, you can stream it on other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Pluto, or Netflix, and in case of regional limitations, you can always use a nicely rated VPN.