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How to Watch Bridgerton Without Netflix? [2024]

How to Watch Bridgerton Without Netflix? [2024]

How to Watch Bridgerton Without Netflix?: Bridgerton, a 2020 historical Netflix original drama, follows the story of the eldest daughter of a strong family named Bridgerton. The series is quite popular with Phoebe Dynevor (Daphne) as the main character. 

Furthermore, the tale observes Daphne as she makes her debut in Regency London’s competitive marriage. However, as she steps forward to find a glistening match of truelove – the Duke of Hastings enters the room with many troubled situations following behind.

Bridgerton is a mixture of romance and drama, where the 8 siblings of the Bridgerton family are on a hunt to find true love. Indeed, the series sounds exciting – but since it’s a Netflix original, you will have to pay for a subscription to watch it.

But, is it the only way to watch the series? If not, then do you know how to watch Bridgerton without Netflix? The answers to these questions are right below in this article. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading right away!

How to Watch Bridgerton Without Netflix?

Share a Netflix Account 

If one of your family members, friends, close cousin, or a relative has a Netflix subscription, then you can request them to pass the Netflix account details so that you can watch the Bridgerton series for free. 

Check with your Mobile or Internet Provider

Not all, but the majority of the mobile and internet service providers offer bundle benefits with free Netflix subscriptions included, at least in half of them.

So, check with your mobile and internet service provider. Of course, you will have to pay for more benefits, but buying Netflix separately can cost more – so this method is still better. 

Get it from T-Mobile

T-mobile offers free access to the Netflix content library without extra charges through its ‘Netflix on Us’ feature. However, to get this free access, you need to make sure you don’t opt for a no-credit-check or prepaid plan.

Final Words

With this, we have successfully mentioned the group of legal ways to watch the Bridgerton series for free, and hope you now have the accurate answer to your ‘How to watch Bridgerton without Netflix?’ Question. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Bridgerton only available on Netflix?

Yes, the Bridgerton series is only available on Netflix since it’s a Netflix original, and is not available on any third-party streaming service platform.

Is Bridgerton free on Amazon Prime?

For starters, Bridgerton is not available on Amazon Prime Video, neither for renting nor for buying. Hence, if you want to watch the series, then you have to opt for a Netflix subscription.

How can I watch Bridgerton season 2 without Netflix?

To watch Bridgerton season 2, you necessarily need Netflix because it’s a Netflix original. Also, you can use someone else’s Netflix account to watch the series or check if your mobile or network connection provider offers free access to Netflix in a bundle benefits deal.