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How to Watch Breaking Bad Without Netflix? [2024]

How to Watch Breaking Bad Without Netflix? [2024]

How to Watch Breaking Bad Without Netflix?: Breaking Bad is an American drama series, released on the 20th of January 2008 in the US, and ended on 29 September 2013. It includes 5 seasons and has a great rating of 9.5/10, with over 2 million votes on IMDb.

The series includes a chemistry teacher named Walter White, who has recently discovered that he has cancer. Thus, he thinks of entering the meth-making business to pay back all his medical debts, but his plans start to change after partnering with Jesse. 

With a strong and powerful storyline and mind-blowing acting, the drama series is clearly famous, majorly streaming on Netflix. 

Now, those who have Netflix have already watched it, but others who don’t want to pay the subscription plan solely for one drama, want to know how to watch Breaking Bad without Netflix. Is there a way to watch it for free? To know the answer, continue reading.

How to Watch Breaking Bad Without Netflix?

If you were initially searching, do you get the Netflix free subscription plan, then there’s no way you can get it legally, and as for the free trial, Netflix stopped the policy a long time ago. 

So, if you want to watch Breaking Bad without Netflix, more like, without paying for its subscription, then, one of the following methods can help you:

Mobile or Internet Provider

Not all the time, but there are many mobile and Internet service providers that offer free Netflix subscription plans along with certain purchases with their brand.

Therefore, you must check with your mobile or Internet service provider if they have that offer available, or you can always check with others and opt for their services. 

Purchase or Rent the Episodes

Apart from the popular streaming platforms, like YouTube and Amazon Prime, you can find plenty of other platforms offering all the seasons of Breaking Bad for purchasing and renting at reasonable rates. 

So, you can search on the Internet, compare prices, and rent or buy — making sure it is a reliable source. 

Borrow From Someone

Not exactly the most pleasant method, but if you can, then you must check with your friends and family members if anyone has a Netflix subscription. If you find someone, then you can ask them to lend their account to you for some time.

Final Words 

Along with the methods mentioned above, we also know about certain illegal ways by which you can easily watch Breaking Bad. 

However, you never know what kind of hackers are waiting for you to visit their website, and no one in the right state of mind would willingly use an illegal platform just to watch Breaking Bad – knowing well that the site is suspicious, and can be dangerous. 

So, we hope you will only follow the legal methods mentioned above, and with this, we have successfully presented the answer to your ‘How to watch Breaking Bad without Netflix?’ question. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which platforms can I watch Breaking Bad on?

You can watch Breaking Bad on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. But, you will have to pay for a subscription plan since none of these streaming services offer Breaking Bad for free. 

Is Breaking Bad free with Amazon Prime?

No, Breaking Bad is not free with Amazon Prime. It isn’t included with the usual subscription plan either, and you can only rent it out or purchase.