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How to Share Apple TV With Family [Complete Guide]

How to Share Apple TV With Family [Complete Guide]

Want to know how to share Apple TV with family? Don’t worry, you are at the right place! In this article, I’ll show you a simple method on how to share Apple TV with Family.

Family Sharing features allows access to you and your other five family members to its amazing services like Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Music, Apple Fitness and Apple Arcade. You can also share Apple Books, iTunes, family photo album, iCloud storage plan and App Store purchases.

How to share Apple TV with Family[Guide]

You can easily share your Apple TV viewing privileges with up to six family members through the Family Sharing feature, so that every person can have access their own customized content requirements.

So, if you want to view or download content which your family member has purchased, follow the steps listed below on how to share Apple TV with family.

Remember that once you’ve added your family members, you can your family can switch between account profiles to make personal viewing experiences.

  1. On your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, open the App which you like to download content from. Then, go to the Purchased page.
  2. On App Store – Click on your profile in the top right corner of the screen -> select Purchased.

On Apple Books – Select your profile picture in the top of your screen

 On Apple TV app – select Library tab -> tap Family Sharing.

  • Select your family member’s name to view their content, and click download next to it.

Follow the steps on how to share Apple TV with family through Mac:

  1. Select the content that you want to download, then go to purchase.
  2. App Store – click on your profile in the bottom corner of the screen.

Apple Books – Book Store -> Quick Link s-> Purchased.

Apple TV app – Menu bar -> Account -> Family Purchases.

  • Select your family member’s name to view their content, and click download or play next to it.

Conclusion: Through downloading the content which your members has purchased will let you share your Apple TV with other family members. So, I hope the above article has helped you to understand how to watch Apple TV with Family.

How do I set up multiple users on Apple TV?

Settings -> accounts -> iTunes and App Store -> click on add new Apple ID -> type additional Apple ID username and password -> continue.

How do I turn on Apple TV sharing?

Settings -> users and accounts -> home sharing -> turn on home sharing -> log in with your Apple ID and use the same Apple ID for every device on your home sharing network.

Can you use Apple TV on more than one device?

Yes, if you’re a part of family sharing group, you can stream content from each channel on up to three devices at the same time.

Why can’t I share an app on family sharing?

Settings -> Family sharing -> tap purchases sharing and ensure that share purchases with family is turned on.

Why is home sharing not working on Apple TV?

Ensure that both devices are on the same channel and that one isn’t on personal network or any guest network.

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