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How To Get More Energy On Temu? [2024]

How To Get More Energy On Temu? [2024]

How To Get More Energy On Temu?: Temu is, indeed, famous for its cheap products and a large range of categories, but it has more to its list of services, and one of the main components on the list is its games.

Temu Games is a new trend for those who love shopping at Temu, and the same games have gathered a good amount of audience. But, since it works on the daily energy, you will only get to play for a certain while before you are out of energy for the day.

The above-mentioned game highlight is alright for most of us, but those who wish to go at it for more than a couple of hours per day, want to know — How To Get More Energy On Temu? Is that even possible? 

If you wish to know the answers to the aforementioned questions, then we are delighted to inform you that the article mentioned below contains some helpful data — a good list of ways to answer your ‘How To Get More Energy On Temu?’ Question. 

How To Get More Energy On Temu?

Daily Login Bonus

The daily login bonus is included in the games to help you maintain a regular streak. This daily login bonus comes with a good set of benefits that also includes energy.

Through this, you can consistently log into the game regularly and play for more with the extra bonus energy.

Complete Tasks

Temu games come with a list of tasks allotted to you – which refreshes periodically. You can choose to ignore these tasks and can also decide to complete the ones you are comfortable with.

However, just know that the more tasks you complete – the more bonus energy you will be receiving, along with other benefits.

Watch Ads

Watching ads is the second-most favorite way of the majority of users to earn bonus energy. All you have to do is watch a short advertisement — the majority of them last for only 30 seconds but will give you 10 energy each. 

Moreover, you are allowed to watch multiple advertisements in a day and are not restricted to watching only a couple. 

Ask Your Friend

If you have your friends playing similar games, then you can ask for energy from them – from those who are not as consistent as you with games and have enough energy left out daily.

Join Other Teams

There are some gaming teams that take responsibility for completing certain big tasks and daily goals. The bigger the mission, the bigger the prize and the teams get to earn up to 100 energy each day. 

Join the Temu Referral Program 

Temu has a big referral program, through which, you can earn about 50 energy whenever you refer a friend and they join with your code. 

Bonus: you can share the referral code on the familiar communities and forums, and also choose to pass it in your private groups. 

Purchase Energy

We know, many of you might not be looking for this method, but if you are really invested in the game and if none of the methods mentioned above worked for you or aren't enough, then the only way to get more energy on Temu is to purchase it directly from the energy store. 

The energy store contains a good list of options to choose from, and as expected, the cost of each varies according to benefits and the amount of energy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to get more Energy on the Temu app?

To get more Energy on the Temu app, you can take advantage of the daily login bonus, complete all the tasks allotted to you, request energy from your friends, watch ads, and you can also try joining a team. 

How do I get more Energy On Temu?

To get more energy on Temu, you can opt for daily login bonuses that include energy, can request energy from your friend, watch ads that last only for 30 seconds, or try joining other gaming teams.