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How to Get Free Spider Hypixel Skyblock? [2024]

How to Get Free Spider Hypixel Skyblock? [2024]

We know it is the age of 4D and 5D animation, where you can find hundreds of games with interesting animation qualities, yet, can you still forget about the old and gold — pixel graphics?

Exactly, none of us can, and if we were to talk about some good pixel art games currently, then Hypixel Skyblock can be brought to light.

However, as of January 2024, we have quite a lot of people wanting to know something about getting free spiders in the game, with questions like — how to get free spider Hypixel Skyblock? Being asked a lot.

As for you, are you also here for the same? If yes, then continue reading because this article includes two of the easiest ways to get free spiders in Hypixel Skyblock.

How to Get Free Spider Hypixel Skyblock?

Break the Bars

In this method, you will have to break the bars in the Grand Wolf house with the help of an emerald and golden hammer.

The best part is that this method can be used at any time, but can be a bit complicated.

Now, to get an emerald and golden hammer, you’ll have to mine emerald and gold in the Divan mines, and after fusing them together at the anvil, you can move ahead with the breaking of the bars.

After you are done, a chat message box will appear where you can trade the chat message to the Tyashoi Alchemist for free spiders.

Complete the Tyashoi Alchemist Quest

Before we move ahead, you must be aware that this quest will only be available during the Halloween event and needs you to collect a variety of items.

Like, dark candy, expired pumpkin, black woolen yarn, sleepy Hollow, scare fragment, fairy wings, french fries, scavenged iron hammer, great spook tree, spook artifact, ephemeral gratitude, decayed bat, and poisoned candy.

Furthermore, once you have collected all the above-mentioned items, you are allowed to trade them to the Tyashoi Alchemist in return for a free spider. 

What is Hypixel Skyblock?

Hypixel Skyblock, or maybe t only Skyblock — is a popular video game where players start their mission on a private island that contains almost nothing.

Furthermore, the players are required to start collecting resources, fighting different types of monsters, creating farms to eat, expanding the island, and many more such things.

Hypixel Skyblock

Final Words 

Although we don’t know, you might still come across some other ways to get free spiders on Hypixel Skyblock.

But, if you want to avoid extra hassle and choose the easiest way, then the methods mentioned in this article are all you need.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope you have received the perfect answer to the question – how to get free spider Hypixel Skyblock?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Hypixel Skyblock free?

Yes, Hypixel Skyblock is free, but only to those who own the official Minecraft Java edition game — only these players get to join the Hypixel server free of charge.

How to get frozen spider Hypixel Skyblock?

To get frozen spider Hypixel Skyblock, you can either obtain it by fishing or achieve it through trivia.