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Feast Fruit App Review: Worth It or Waste? [2024]

Feast Fruit App Review: Worth It or Waste? [2024]

Do you remember the time when fruit games, especially fruit puzzle games, were quite famous? While some moved forward with other gameplay, others are still stuck with some games like Feast Fruit.

Although the game is quite underrated and seemingly only available on the Google Play Store, we have some people wanting to know if it is worth it and enjoyable as a fruit puzzle game.

As for you, are you here to know the same? Are you also interested in the review? If yes, then all you have to do is continue reading because our Feast Fruit app review is mentioned right below, in this article.

Feast Fruit App Review: Overview

The Feast Fruit app is a game, to be precise – a fruit puzzle game where you are supposed to collect fruits and earn points with the help of the character you choose at the start.

Additionally, there is not a big goal or objective to achieve in the game, but your main goal can be to unlock new characters with the points you earn.

How Does The Feast Fruit App Work?

The working of the Feast Fruit app is engaging and the gameplay is not hard to understand and try out.

Overall, it is an engaging puzzle game that will challenge you to solve different types of fruit puzzles – where all you have to do is match fruits in the right combinations, earn points, and you are done with the level.

Key Highlights

User Interface 

The user interface of the game is quite cute, and you can check how many points you have to shop, retry, or resume the paused game, and do everything else with a single or a couple of taps. 


There are plenty of cute characters you can try out, each coming with different personalities, color combinations, cost, advantages, and facial expressions.

Is The Feast Fruit App Worth It?

Honestly, there is practically nothing unique or extravagant with this game, and like any other puzzle game, you have to earn points, shop, and move ahead with the levels.

However, what we liked is its characters, the collection of characters you can buy, its user interface, the cute and easy gameplay, and a few more things.

Of course, there is nothing to highlight in specific, but for a free and easy game that can actually help you pass your time playing your favorite fruit puzzle game – the Feast Fruit game is not a bad option to try out.

With that, we have mentioned everything we needed to inform you about the game, and hope our Feast Fruit app review was helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Feast Fruit app legit?

Yes, if you are talking about Feast Fruit, the fruit puzzle game available on the Google Play Store, then yes, it is a legitimate gaming app. 

Is Feast Fruit real?

Yes, the Feast Fruit app is real, only if you are talking about the fruit puzzle game available on the Google Play Store.