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Hotworx App Not Working? Try These Steps to Fix! [2024]

Hotworx App Not Working? Try These Steps to Fix! [2024]

Hotworx app not working? – is the Hotworx app working on your device? – or is Hotworx down? – in this article, we are going to discuss the steps of the Hotworx app not working so get yourself relaxed and simply read the whole article.  

It may not work because of interrupted cache, older version and many more. We will discuss the problems and solutions regarding the same.

Hotworx app not working

Is Hotworx down?

Firstly, check whether is Hotworx app down or not at the down-detector. If it is down there then felt relaxed! – you can come back after a short interval of time and Hotworx will work on the server problem and get you the solution for it. If it is not down, try contacting Hotworx to solve your problem.

Why is Hotworx app not working?

There can be many reasons the Hotworx app not working on your devices such as slow internet connection, interrupting cache files, and many more. Simply, go through the article to get the solution to your problem.

Possible Fixes

There may be possible reasons mentioned below for the Hotworx app not working:

Check your internet connection

Many times, it is observed that most of the problems in any device are created because of the slow internet connectivity. If you are connected to a home network, try turning off your modem/router and turning it on after some time. Else if you are connected to a mobile network, reset your mobile’s network settings and check if it helps.

Clear cache files

An interrupted cache of files on your mobile can also stand as a hurdle while working on a Hotworx app. So, you must clear the cache files of your device on regular basis. To clear the cache files, simply follow the steps provided below:

  1. From the home screen, click Apps.
  2. Select Settings -> Applications -> Application manager.
  3. Now, choose the Hotworx app from the list or choose More -> Show system apps to display.
  4. Select Storage -> Clear data -> Clear cache.

Update app

An older version of an app can also be an obstacle to your working with the Hotworx app. So, you must update your app to the latest version of an Hotworx app.

Reinstall the app

Sometimes, updating the app will not work because of the internal system files of the app. So, you must install the app again after deleting it as it can restore the needed files.

Restart your device

If reinstalling the app does not work, then restart your device as it can fix the issues created by the internal system. Try restarting your device and check if it helps.

Check server status

If you have tried all the steps for running Hotworx app and it doesn’t give you the desired solution, then check the server status of the Hotworx app at down-detector. If it is down, then feel free and give Hotworx some time to solve your problem.

Else, it is not down then contact Hotworx to get the solution to your personal problem.  

Hotworx app not working on apple watch

Initially, make sure your apple watch is updated because a downgraded version can create bugs and glitches for you while running the Hotworx app on your apple watch. If updating the apple watch doesn’t bring a solution to you, try updating the Hotworx app.

If updating watch and app did not solve your problem, contact Apple support team to get you to the solution of the Hotworx app not working on apple watch. 

Contact customer support

After trying all the steps listed above doesn’t solve your problem, simply contact Hotworx customer support by clicking contact us on their website. Fill in the details they asked for and get support from the experts.

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How do you record calories on the Hotworx app?

At first, input your starting calorie count displayed in your tracker. As time passes, and you are really feeling stressed begin another workout. In the end, total calories would be tracked by your fitness tracker.

Does Hotworx sync with the apple watch?

During the period of your workout, Hotworx will read your burned calories through your apple watch or tracker. After completion of your workout, it will take 1 hour to display the total calories burned throughout your workout.

What fitness tracker works with the Hotworx app?

There are two Fitness tracker which is more suitable and work with the Hotworx app apple watch and Fitbit devices. They automatically sync your data and register your calories while using devices other than these you have to input your starting and ending calories.

Does Hotworx tone your body?

The combination of heat, exercise and energy provides you better results in less time as it provides enhanced production of HSPs. Hotworx includes many activities helpful for fast body toning.