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Hootsuite vs Loomly: The Ultimate Showdown [2024]

Hootsuite vs Loomly: The Ultimate Showdown [2024]

Hootsuite vs Loomly, two of the leading websites helping you in managing your scheduling and posting of content on multiple social media accounts are currently being compared by hundreds of users because we still don’t know – which between Hootsuite and Loomly is a better choice. 

Now talking about you, if you’re also wondering which of the two platforms will offer better tools for your brand, then we highly recommend you to have a look at the article below because it contains a totally unbiased Hootsuite vs Loomly comparison article.

Hootsuite vs Loomly: Introductions


Hootsuite is a popular social media marketing and management service provider through which you can save time while growing at a good pace on different social media platforms. It also provides accurate stats as a secret tool to boost your performance.

Hootsuite was first tagged as the ultimate tool for Twitter users which can help you manage multiple accounts from one dashboard – the reason why it went viral right away after its debut. Along with Twitter, you can integrate a good set of social media platforms including Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and much more.

Hootsuite vs Loomly


Loomly is a well-known and trusted social media management platform helping over 19,000 marketing teams globally in managing their social media accounts and reaching the correct audiences. It can be useful when you have already established a brand and wish to increase its title.

Furthermore, you can save time in promoting your business through various means, and improve the quality of your posting on scheduling while handling a good variety of social media accounts like LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Slack, etc in one place.

Loomly vs Hootsuite

Hootsuite vs Loomly: Best For 


Hootsuite appears to be better at posting, and scheduling as stated by a good number of brand owners. Also, when everything is done, you can easily preview your daily or weekly activities including all the things you have posted, managed, and analyzed throughout a certain period.


Loomly is best for its ease of use because as said by certain brand CEOs. Using Loomly, checking schedules, and managing everything are way easier than on Hootsuite for both the brand owners and clients.

In short, if you are new in this field, then Loomly can help you get comfortable with all the automatic scheduling, promoting, and managing your social media accounts easily.

Hootsuite vs Loomly: Pricing


Hootsuite offers 4 individual plans mentioned below with details:

  1. Professional plan – this plan will cost you $23 per month for 1 user who can have 10 social media accounts and you get a 30-days free trial.
  2. Team plan – this plan will cost you $91 per month for 3 users with 20 social media accounts and you get a 30-days free trial.
  3. Business plan – this plan will cost you $543 per month for 5 users using 35 social media accounts and you’ll have to request a demo beforehand.
  4. Enterprise plan – it is a custom plan which starts with 5 users using 50 social media accounts and you’ll have to request a demo beforehand. 

For updated information, you can try visiting Hootsuite’s pricing and plan page here.


Loomly follows a set of five monthly plans as follows:

  1. Base plan – it will cost you $35 per month or $26 per month for a yearly subscription at $312 for 2 users using 10 social media accounts.
  2. Standard plan – this plan will cost you $79 per month or $59 per month for a yearly subscription at $708 for 6 users using 20 social media accounts.
  3. Advanced plan – it will cost you $172 per month or $129 per month for a yearly subscription at $1548 for 14 users using 35 social media accounts.
  4. Premium plan – it will cost you $359 per month or $269 per month for a yearly subscription at $3228 for 30 users using 50 social media accounts.
  5. Enterprise plan – for this plan, you will have to request a quote first and over 31 users can use over 51 social media accounts.

For updated information, you can have a look at Loomly‘s official pricing and plan page here.

Hootsuite vs Loomly: Social Network Support

Social Media AppsLoomlyHootsuite
Instagram YesYes

Winner: Both

Hootsuite vs Loomly: Similarities

  • Multi-Account Scheduling and Posting

The main feature and goal of all the social media management platforms including Hootsuite and Loomly is multi-account scheduling and posting which allows you to schedule and post one type of content on multiple accounts with just one click.

  • Manage Ads

With Hootsuite, you can easily manage and monitor the performance of your ads across all the platforms. Whereas in the case of Loomly, it helps you create, preview, confirm, and then publish Instagram and Facebook ads in different layouts.

  • Audience Interactions

Both platforms give you systematic opportunities to engage with your audience, the people who follow you, comment on your post, like your post, and share them in their stories and personal inboxes and groups. With this tool, you will not leave a single comment or message in DM‘s unattended.

  • Basic Editing Tools

In case you wish to do a quick touch-up on your post, both platforms offer basic media editing tools that will help you resize, crop, add filters, and complete various basic editing needs.

  • Shorten URLs

Both platforms allow you to customize the size of URLs within the platform. While Loomly helps you transfer long web addresses into short URLs, Hootsuite helps you shorten the link and track them directly from the Hootsuite dashboard.

Hootsuite vs Loomly: Differences

Tips for better Optimization NoYes
Determine the mood of your audience (Social Listening)YesNo

Hootsuite vs Loomly: Overall Features

Scheduling and Posting 


The scheduling and posting process of Hootsuite does not involve a lengthy series of steps to be followed but can still be a bit complicated for some users. However, with a bit of exploring across the platform, you can use the tool easily and also test your altered settings before using the tool professionally.


Without any prior experience in using the scheduling and posting tools, you can easily schedule the post beforehand and post them automatically on all your socials. It also helps you to target the correct audiences which will be actually interested in engaging with your content. So, Loomly makes it easy to schedule and post.

Winner: Loomly

Reports and Stats


Hootsuite provides basic stats and reporting tools to all users that consist of account-level analytics like follower count, engagement overview, and post totals. With its professional or higher plan, you can view real-time and precise engagement metrics like age groups and demographics.                                    


With Loomly, you get the basic analytical feature providing the valuable engagement stats for every post published through the platform. The advanced analytical features – available for the standard or higher subscription plan gets you additional details like the reach of posts, impressions, engagement rates, Facebook page likes, Instagram followers, and such.

Both platforms offer a good set of basic as well as advanced features to give you a deep-dive report and metrics of your performance on various social media platforms.

Winner: Both

User Experience                           


Hootsuite has a rather attractive dashboard that will help you check your timeline of Instagram hashtags you follow, Twitter accounts you follow along with Facebook mentions. You can also check the options for audience engagement, tips for post-optimization, and social media calendar to manage your scheduling and posting on point.

Talking about the overall user-friendliness of the platform, you can mostly find everything you need with a single glance at the screen on the homepage.


With Loomly, you can check the social media calendar with a first glance on the dashboard, giving you an idea about your upcoming schedules and posting. In addition to that, you will also get options for insights, post tips and ideas, and more options accordingly.

Now talking about the user interface of the website, along with the dashboard, you can probably find everything you need in front of your eyes right after you visit the site.

Both Hootsuite and Loomly have different strengths and weaknesses but since they offer a user-friendly experience to new users in this field, both deserve a win in this section.

Winner: Both



Hootsuite provides you with a good variety of tools and helps you to break team members into different sections according to their work. With its tools, you can manage every individual along with a complete team or organization working together and make big marketing operations easy to operate.


Loomly here offers a special feature called ‘Calendar workflow’ through which you get to choose among three options based on the size of your team. By default, it uses its original calendar workflow which is best for groups when more than one person is responsible for the approval of content. With this feature, the post will not be posted unless every responsible collaborator has approved it.

Both the platforms offers enough tools to help in your team management but since Hootsuite offers a broader range of features, it has clearly overpowered Loomly in this section.

Winner: Hootsuite

Integration Support


Hootsuite supports integration for over 250 apps including Hootsuite’s complete ecosystem platform.


Whip Loomly, you can integrate over 4000 globally famous apps through the invite Zapier workflow management software. Additionally, this software can be used for free for a maximum of 100 times every month.

Clearly, we have a winner.

Winner: Loomly

Hootsuite vs Loomly: Customer Service


For any kind of help or unanswered question, you can get in touch with Hootsuite through their social media accounts on Twitter or Facebook offering 24/7 support. Additionally, you can visit its customer service page including a box with 5 blanks asking for your business email address, first name, last name, etc and after filling in all the details, you can get in touch with their sales team.


You can visit Loomly’s contact us or support page on its website where you’ll have to fill your name, email, subject, and message. After filling in all the blanks, tap on the ‘send’ button and you’ll get a response in a couple of days.

Otherwise, if the issue is not so serious, then you can also opt for the live chat tool available 24/7 at the bottom-right corner of the same page.

Hootsuite vs Loomly: Which is Better?

Starting with the main course – in case you are more focused on posting the content and managing it after posting, Hootsuite is your answer. But, if you would first like to try something easy to use with easier posting and scheduling of posts then Loomly can help you best.

Now talking about the main feature, Hootsuite has a user-friendly scheduling and posting feature comapred to Loomly but for some users, it can appear a bit sophisticated. So, both win the deal for the overall user-friendliness of the website and dashboard.

Apart from all this, let’s not forget about Loomly providing integration options for over 4000 popular applications with an in-built workflow management software. While in the case of Hootsuite, it gives you integration options for over 250 apps which is still a lot less than Loomly. 

With this, we have finally come to the end of our Hootsuite vs Loomly comparison article which included detailed information about its highlights that are enough to help you decide – which between Hootsuite VS Loomly must win this comparison battle (Of course Loomly for multiple reasons as mentioned above).

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Hootsuite better than Loomly?

No, for a good set of reasons like a bit of complicated scheduling and posting tools, offering lesser integration options than Loomly, etc, you can say Hootsuite is not better than Loomly. 

Is Hootsuite trustworthy?

Yes, Hootsuite is a trustworthy platform and will help you professionally schedule and post content on all your social media accounts.