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HomeCourt App Review: Pros And Cons, Is It Legit? [2024]

HomeCourt App Review: Pros And Cons, Is It Legit? [2024]

HomeCourt App Review: When starting basketball with basics, it gets hard to track your performance based on other people's judgements and advice all the time. So, to help yourself get an expert’s advice, why not give HomeCourt a try?

HomeCourt is among the popular sports activities tracker for basketball which has smart computer image algorithms and enhanced technology to be accurate and on-point with its outcomes.

However, if you are not sure about the app, then you will get all the information you need about HomeCourt if you have a look at our HomeCourt App review mentioned in the article below.


HomeCourt is a trustworthy basketball app that helps players across the world to take their skills to greater levels. The app starts from the basics and helps users polish their skills and develop more to master basketball.

It is like a personal skills trainer that will be with you whenever you are training to capture your performance and provide a detailed guide with feedback. So, every effort and shot count when you are using the HomeCourt app because of its systematic strategy and professional working style.

HomeCourt App Review

Key Features

  • Offerst an intelligent training program along with customized daily workouts.
  • Get detailed analytical and comprehensive skills reports and ratings.
  • You will get access to your complete workout history.
  • HomeCourt allows you to have virtual competitions with your friends and family members to get better together.
  • The working on the app is simple and it will work as long as you have an average camera.

Pros and Cons


  1. Ability to share your individual subscription plan benefits with about 4 friends or family members.
  2. As the app is compatible with Apple Watch, while training outdoors you do not need an iPhone or iPad close to you, your Apple Watch will do all the work.
  3. You do not need an expensive device with an amazing camera.
  4. HomeCourt is an official affiliate of the NBA and provides knowledge and guidelines according to the NBA.


  1. HomeCourt app is available to download only on iOS devices. It can be installed on iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. 
  2. It is designed to track the movements and shots of only one player. So, even if you add your teammates, your device and account will only monitor you.

Best For

HomeCourt is good when you need training for shot tracking and ball handling. Along with the basics, you can level up if you practise regularly. It actually gets better when you opt for basic ball handling drills.

Overall, the HomeCourt app is best for training when you are a beginner because once you join the community, you will step up your skills about an average player’s at least.

Plans and Pricing

HomeCourt offers 2 subscription plans if you want to subscribe for HomeCourt+. The plans are as follows,

  • Monthly subscription plan costing $7.99 per month.
  • Annual subscription plan costing $69.99 per year.

If you want to subscribe for your whole group, you can opt for the discounted pricing and plans as follows,

  • Yearly plan costing $1.50 per player per month.
  • 3-months plan costing $1.99 per player per month.

HomeCourt also offers a freemium version where it doesn't charge any fee. But, the only disadvantage is that you can only access limited features.

Is it Worth it?

Yes, The HomeCourt app offers almost all the basic skills you need to play basketball. Starting with ball handling, even if you know how to do that, you can polish your Ball handling skills and move on with other stages like drills, shot tracking, etc.

Overall, using the HomeCourt app is totally worth it if you are going to practise regularly or at least five times a week. Moreover, if you decide to opt for the subscription plans, it is even a better choice as more premium benefits will be unlocked to make it easier for you.

Final Words 

HomeCourt captures your shots, moves and stats and gives feedback and analysis of your complete session‌. You can instantly view where you are lacking, what are your mistakes and where you can improve more and try again.

And HomeCourt’s virtual competition feature allows you to work out with your friends or teammates. Just invite them and connect yourself to start a challenge and start working out or playing together. This can help in pinpointing and comparing each other’s mistakes and improved points.

In conclusion, the HomeCourt app is worth a shot. Since it has a free version, you can try using the free version first before deciding if you want to try the paid version or not. 

This is all for the HomeCourt app review, we hope you have received all the information you needed about the app.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is HomeCourt a good app?

Yes, The HomeCourt app is a good app as it offers a good set of services to enhance your basketball skills along with workouts and challenges along with the detailed analytical reports to help you understand where you like and what you need to improve.

Do you need a tripod for HomeCourt?

It is not necessary to have a tripod to use the HomeCourt app. You can easily place your device on some other type of stand or anywhere, where it can view all your movements clearly. But, the app recommends you have a tripod to make things comfortable.

Which is the best basketball training app?

The HomeCourt basketball tracker app is one of the best training apps if you want to improve your basketball moves and shots.