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Hinotes App Review: Know Everything about Hinotes! [2022]

Hinotes App Review: Know Everything about Hinotes! [2022]

Hinotes App Review: Do you have a talent you wish to showcase and the Hinotes app has already caught your attention? You, as a user, might have already come across a lot of features and advantages of using the Hinotes app, but do you know about its disadvantages? And whether it is legit?

If you want answers to your questions, you must have a look at our Hinotes app review and see for yourself, if the app is worth trying.

Why? Because our Hinotes App Review mentioned in the below article contains all the important details you need to have a look at about Hinotes App.


To all the people who have a special talent and can get loads of love and blessings from people across the world – there is an app named Hinotes for you.

Hinotes app specializes in persuading people to join in amazing challenges that drop in frequently. It allows you to show your talent in multinational company-sponsored talent shows and win incredible rewards.

You can join the public challenges by using their hashtags as an invitation or with the help of private challenges, you can compete with your friends and family. It is an easy-to-understand app if you pay a little attention to certain details for a better understanding of its functions.


  1. Experience different types of challenges and win legitimate rewards.
  2. Only with the help of a hashtag, you can use it in your post and post on social media – invite yourself to the public challenge and win.
  3. Create your own new challenges and challenge other professionals across the world.
  4. You will get to win multiple prizes from multinational companies as sponsors.
  5. You can also create a private challenge with a few steps to complete with your group.

Pros and Cons

Note – the below list of Pros and Cons are driven from the Hinotes App review section under the app.


  • Have multiple features for video shooting to make it easier and better to shoot and upload the video.
  • The music won't start playing until you switch the video on.
  • No serious traces of judgemental people found to this date.
  • Find a large community of people with similar interests and learn new and exciting things daily – all the time.
  • The app works smoothly with a non-glitching device and a good internet connection.


  • You are required to disable the app completely before signing out because if you do not do so – it will freeze other applications on your cell phone or device.
  • It feels as if it has a permanent bug that will not allow you to upload the video. You will fail 9/10 times and it will probably show ‘Failed to load'.
  • You can face a lot of bugs constantly on the app.
  • Changing the profile picture and customizing the profile comes with a handful of hustles as bugs are there all the time.

How does it work?

Hinotes app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store for downloading. After installation, make an account on the app and watch out for challenges of your type.

Once you found one, go ahead and shoot a video with the challenge hashtag and upload it. You will get the details and results accordingly.

Plans and Pricing

The app is free to use but comes with in-app purchases. These in-app purchases will only get highlighted when you wish to upgrade your account profile for better results.

Is it Legit?

Although there are a lot of disadvantages to it in the name of cons, it works fine as it says and it is legit. You can view amazing challenges that drop in regularly and win legit prizes if you win the challenge. Note that this is not said by us but narrated by the current users under the Hinotes App review section.


So far, the Hinotes App Review has been going down due to its permanent bugs on the app. Apart from that, the app is legit and works systematically for the creators who have the confidence to show the world their talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hinotes app?

Hinotes is like any other social media that precisely focuses on bringing in young and fresh competitors to join the regular challenges on the app – hosted by Infamous brands across the globe.

Who created Hinotes App?

Digital Equipment Corporation is the developer of the Hinotes app followed by Compal Electronics as the Manufacturer.