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HBO Max Renew Subscription Error [Fixed 2024]

HBO Max Renew Subscription Error [Fixed 2024]

HBO Max Renew Subscription Error – Are you not able to log in to your HBO Max account because HBO support is saying “Renew Subscription Error?” in this article, I’m going to show you a simple procedure on how to get rid of HBO Max’s renew subscription error.

HBO Max is an American online Streaming service that streams all HBO channels together along with several TV shows, Movies and Max originals. First of all, you should know what the exact problem is and why it is happening in your device. Even though you have paid the subscription fees, you might be getting renew subscription error. Check out the guide below for further detailed information.

HBO Max Renew Subscription Error [How to Fix]

Your screen might have displayed an error message as “Renew Subscription Error,” in most cases, people who are getting this kind of error are using HBO Max for free through other services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu or AT&T Unlimited plan.

HBO Max Renew Subscription Error

If this is your case, then I suppose you log into the wrong account. For example, if you are using AT&T to get HBO Max subscription, then you should put AT&T user ID to log in to HBO and get free subscription.

If you have subscribed HBO Max through Amazon Prime, then go toy our Billing info on your HBO Max account. Wait till it says “your HBO Max Subscription through Amazon Prime Video Channels has expired” then, you can try signing up again through HBO Max.

You also try these troubleshooting steps to get rid of HBO Max Renew Subscription Error.

Restart your device

Turn off your device, wait for a while and turn it back again. Now, open HBO Max to check whether the issue has resolved.

Update or reinstall the App

You can try updating the app to ensure a better performance or you can also uninstall and re-install HBO Max app on your device.

Clear Cache

Go to settings from your HBO Max account and clear the history or cache to make it work properly.

Conclusion: I hope the above article on HBO Max renew subscription error has helped you get rid of your issue.


Why is my HBO Max subscription not working?

If your subscription is not working, try reinstalling the HBO Max app on your device. Once it is installed, open the app and sign it again.

How do I renew my HBO Max subscription?

Go to HBO Max account -> sign in -> enter your credentials -> add your payment info -> choose to start your subscription.

How do I restart my HBO Max app?

Turn off your device -> wait for a while -> open HBO Max and check if the issue is solved.

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