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Gametime App Review: Everything You Need to Know [2024]

Gametime App Review: Everything You Need to Know [2024]

Gametime App Review: Is it time for your favorite player’s upcoming match? Or are you excited for your dearest singer’s next concert? In any case, while trying to book online, you might have come across multiple ticket marketplaces and websites, one of them being Gametime.

We are talking about the same platform that has received comparatively great ratings on the Google Play Store and App Store, and claims to offer you affordable tickets to the popular events for a variety of categories. 

However, while it has received thousands of positive reviews, we also have a separate bunch rating it negatively and sharing bad experiences. Now, what to believe? Is Gametime legit? Is it a scam? to know everything you need to know about it, continue reading our Gametime app review below.

What is Gametime?

Gametime is a popular platform, a ticket marketplace where you can get tickets for your favorite event last minute. It offers tickets for a good variety of categories, including sports, music, and theater in over 60 cities.

The main highlight of Gametime is that while you get plenty of offers and deals even at the last minute, the rates are totally affordable, and with regular deals and offers, you only get to save more. 

Gametime app

How Does Gametime Work?

The working of Gametime is simple to understand. Like any other ticket marketplace, it offers you all the seats available and not yet booked, and you get to choose from all the usually available options, like gallery view, seating view, and more. 

Its booking process is also the same, where you first choose your seat, pay for your choice, and get tickets delivered to you as soon as possible — of course, on time, even if you have booked only 24 hours before the event starts.

Key Features

Last Minute Booking

The best part about using the app is that you can buy tickets up to 90 minutes before the event starts, a feature you are unlikely to get with other popular marketplaces.

Low Rates Guaranteed

Since it’s famous for last-minute deals, we all know that prices tend to fall at the last minute, so you can take advantage of low rates. 

But, even if that’s not the case, it guarantees you low and affordable rates all the time, and if they don’t have the lowest price, then you will get 110% of the difference.

Good Customer Service 

From what we know, the people with issues have rated its customer service positively. Because, even if you are facing a problem, the customer service is accurate and fast to help you with it, and at the end of the day — you will be enjoying the event peacefully. 

Pros & Cons


  • The app is user-friendly and guides you perfectly throughout the process.
  • The refund policy is faster than usual and will get you your refund within a couple of days instead of weeks.
  • It provides returns up to 24 hours after a successful purchase.
  • The panoramic photos help a lot to get an exact view from every section.
  • While mobile ticket delivery saves paper and ink, it is also an easier method where you can walk into the event without the actual delivery hassle. 


  • At times, you might not get the seat you paid for and Gametime might inform you that after a couple of hours.
  • There might be a slight delay in ticket delivery.
  • It doesn’t have confirmation steps once you have linked your card, so you might end up buying something unwantedly.
  • Since it has a lower customer traffic, you'll often get to choose from a limited number of seats.

Is Gametime Legit?

Yes, even after going across the negative comments and experiences with Gametime, we still inform you that Gametime is a real website where you can actually grab last-minute tickets for your favorite events, across all the categories it offers.

For starters, it has received a 4.7/5 rating with over 5 million downloads and an editor’s choice badge on Google Play Store and comes with the same rating on the App Store. Even when we checked on our reliable Trustpilot, it had received an average 3.7/5 rating.

Apart from that, several customers have had bad experiences with the brand. But, although Gametime was not fully prepared all the time, they still did a good job of helping the customers till the end, not leaving them entirely unsatisfied. 

Therefore, counting all the highlights above, with our personal opinion, we think that it is worth a shot — especially if you need a ticket last minute, with certainly, Gametime being a real ticket marketplace. 

Is Gametime a Part of Ticketmaster?

Yes, somewhere in the middle of 2017, Ticketmaster made a deal with Gametime. The deal involved Ticketmaster distributing their tickets through the Gametime app and dividing the proceeds respectively to each other’s teams. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Gametime a legit website?

Yes, Gametime is a legit website. It is a real platform where you can grab tickets for a good variety of events at the last minute, like a couple of hours before the event starts, and get deals at affordable rates.

Does Gametime app really work?

Yes, it does. The Gametime app and website really work to get you your favorite event ticket last minute. They do a good job helping you squeeze in just a couple of hours before the event starts, with affordable prices and deals guaranteed.