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8 Top Games like Tiny Tower to Play Right Now [2024]

8 Top Games like Tiny Tower to Play Right Now [2024]

Games like Tiny Tower: Tiny Tower is an exciting business simulator game by NibbleBit for Android and iOS devices. With its interesting pixel art, you get to build your own business building and manage different floors, including tens of different industries.

Tiny Tower is your ideal business simulator with easy gameplay — but if you have already completed it or are searching for more games like Tiny Tower, then you can find plenty of options on the Internet, but, which among them is most similar to Tiny Tower, or just as much exciting? 

If you want to know the answer to the aforementioned question, then you must continue reading this article as it contains the list of the best 8 games like Tiny Tower you must have a look at! 

List of Games like Tiny Tower:

1. Tiny Tower Vegas 

Tiny Tower Vegas Games like Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower Vegas is another version of Tiny Tower, but the game is established in Vegas. Similar to Tiny Tower, in this game you have to build and organize your own business – specifically a hotel along with a casino. 

Tiny Tower Vegas includes a good variety of businesses, like restaurants, entertainment, and shopping stores. You get a building under your name along with workers working on every floor – like 777 slots, Dino Poker, Red Suites, and more. 

Key Highlights

  • Graphics and gameplay – the pixel graphics are incredibly compelling and the gameplay is simple yet interesting where you order your employees in the building.
  • Have fun yourself – you get to play casino games in your tower and earn chips whenever your friends visit your tower.
  • Customize – you get to customize and upgrade the designs and settings of your tower to impress the customers with enhanced elevators, luxurious lobbies, etc.

2. Pocket Tower 

Pocket Tower Game

Pocket Tower — Business Strategy or Hotel Builder, both are the same games where you get to show off your business strategies and run the best hotel. You have to show off your professional hotel skills and build a skyscraper with numerous stores like a music shop, a donut shop, restaurants, and more.

Pocket Tower doesn’t end with hotel management since you’ll also be managing the entire city, and many more interesting things like gathering famous celebrities, running multiple businesses, and making sure everyone is having a satisfactory experience at your place.

Key Highlights

  • Create a community – you get to choose and create a community you like in the virtual world and meet with other business partners. You can also join any existing city, and become the mayor.
  • Grow – as your business grows, you can start more businesses, hire more workers, invite exclusive visitors, build new floors, enhance the designs and quality of your businesses, and do more things. 
  • Types of businesses – you are allowed to start different types of businesses, including fashion, technology, recreation, food, service, spa center, cinema, bar, etc.

3. Big City Life

Big City Life Game

Big City Life is another simulator game where you have to start from scratch and conquer big cities to let yourself shine in all glory. You have to become famous and move up on the ladder of your career by taking on multiple missions, tasks, etc.

Big City Life comes with HD graphics, where you will get bright models of different characters, buildings, and vehicles. The gameplay is fun and simple and will change according to different tasks and missions.

Key Highlights

  • Customization – you get to create a character according to your preferences and dress him in the latest fashion senses.
  • Live a virtual life – you get to go to the gym, follow the natural cycle of hunger and energy and live in a virtual world where you are free to do anything and take any job you wish.
  • Interesting storyline – the game comes with a simple storyline in which a young boy comes to a big city and he has to go through multiple job experiences to complete his desires and reach his goals.

4. Pocket Trains 

Pocket Trains Game

Pocket Trains is an enterprise simulator, a popular pixel art game for all the train lovers out there. In this game, you get to manage and grow different railroads by buying important trains and cargo globally.

Pocket Trains will have you start from scratch, and you’ll have to collect the different parts to build diverse trains from diesel to steamer. You have to complete daily events to unlock other special trains and become the top conductor worldwide.

Key Highlights

  • Complete tasks – you’ll be getting daily tasks and missions to complete, and various jobs to fulfill so that you can earn materials to complete the construction of your trains.
  • Enjoy sceneries – after you have completed your daily task, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the sceneries of the new world on train rides.
  • Discover new places – you get to discover new places and stations across the world while you can visit different countries like Asia, Africa, Europe, etc.

5. Pocket Academy

Pocket Academy Game

Pocket Academy is another simulator where you get to build and grow your Academy. You get to manage your ultimate dream school and alter the things and experiences you’ve always wanted in your dream school.

Pocket Academy will have you sponsor art exhibits, athletic events, and many such interactive activities with kids to give them a practical idea of how things work. 

Key Highlights

  • Pixel graphics and easy gameplay – the game has pixel graphics and contains an easy yet fun-filled gameplay where you will be doing a couple of different tasks to manage everything.
  • Manage events – you get to manage inter-school competitions and events to give your students a chance to compete and show off their talent in front of others.
  • Interact with students – you get to interact with students through athletic needs when you can cheer for them and during speech drills.

6. Disco Zoo 

Disco Zoo Game

Disco Zoo is another popular creation by the makers of Tiny Towers. It is where you get to travel the world, explore different regions globally, and collect numerous varieties of tiny animals from dinosaurs to elephants for your zoo.

Disco Zoo will give you hidden animals after you win casual puzzles. You will be managing and expanding your zoo to impress customers and maximize income – all while having fun in your chill disco parties for your visitors as well as animals. 

Key Highlights

  • Graphics and gameplay – Disco Zoo comes in pixel art and the gameplay is super easy where you will be doing exciting things with just a few taps.
  • Play and unlock – you will be playing multiple puzzle games to unlock the rare, as well as common species of animals.

7. Lego Tower 

Lego Tower Game

Lego Tower — just like the same suggests, is a game where you’ll be playing with legos and building a Lego Tower. You’ll further have to operate the tower, start from one floor, build more apartments and business floors, and do a variety of things to grow.

Lego Tower will allow you to hire minifigure workers — who’ll be living in your residents, work for you, and help build the tower. The game includes more exciting things like a collection of more workers, discovering hidden characters, etc.

Key Highlights

  • Design — you get to develop every resident and business floor with your favorite designs and colors. 
  • Unlock characters — you get to play, discover, and unlock cool characters like Space Fan, Pop Star, Diner Waitress, Explorer, Warrior Woman, Zombie, and many more.
  • Use strategies — you’ve to use strategies to collect minifigures, help them get their dream home, track the tower life, how business is benefiting and can benefit, etc.

8. Pocket Planes 

Pocket Planes Game

Pocket Planes is another pixel art simulation game — a casual airline video game where you can handle and grow your collection of planes as they fly people and cargo to more than 250 cities across the world map.

Pocket Planes will get you to manage the pilot’s jobs, you can choose to load any pilot you wish, change the timings and settings for plane schedules, do good in business to raise the value of your shares and keep growing. 

Key Highlights

  • Level up and upgrade — almost every level comes with upgrades where you can unlock more cities to travel to, hire more pilots, and get more planes under your control.
  • Manage pilots — in the case of pilots, you can hire them according to their cost in coins and cash, load and unload accordingly, etc.
  • Keep a track of planes — you get to keep track of planes, whether it’s carrying cargo or passengers, you can check their current location, their destination, etc.

Final Words 

In conclusion, all the games mentioned in the above article have proved to be the most exciting simulation games out there — where you’ll get to show off your talent in different businesses, from academics to hotel management, and live freely in the virtual world. 

With this, we have successfully presented the list of best games like Tiny Tower and hope you now know which one you should be trying right away!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you play Tiny Tower on PC?

Yes, you can play Tiny Tower retro tycoon on your PC after downloading the Android emulator.

Are there more games like Tiny Tower for PC?

Pocket Academy is one of the best game Tiny Tower for PC.

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