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5 Best Games like Spent You’ll Love! [2024]

5 Best Games like Spent You’ll Love! [2024]

Games like Spent – Do you want to know how a poor family lives and survives in this expensive world? If yes then how about you try a simulation game? Have you tried Spent yet?

About Spent

Spent is an online game including poverty and homelessness. It was advertised by an agency called McKinney, a non-profit organization that provides services to poor people. It has been nominated twice and swept both awards both times.

Though Spent is a good game, if you wish to try some other games like Spent then we would suggest you go through a list of the best games like Spent article mentioned below.


Games like Spent

NationState is a government simulation game like Spent that is created by Max Barry. It is partially based on a novel called Jennifer government.

In the game, the main objective of the players is to create their home country. You will get to create a nation according to your political desires and care for your people. It is your choice whether you want to create a positive environment or deliberately oppress them.

On the Google Play Store, you can search for Stately for NationStates which is an unofficial app for NationStates browsing games. In this version, you have to play a text-based political simulation.


  • In the game, as a political leader of the nations, you will get to travel and look around the world and meet new people.
  • The game has served over 8 million nations to date.
  • It is a single-player video game.

Platforms: Web Browser

Developer: Max Barry

Year: 2002

Fallen London

Fallen London Games like Spent

Fallen London, originally known as eco-Bazar is a web browser-based interactive narrative game. The game is set in Fallen London, an alternative to Victorian London with over stones. Adventure game is the only main genre of this game and is a gender-neutral game.

In many parts of Fallen London, males are allowed to wear gowns, and females can form courts. The seduction of NPCs does not have a specific gender requirement.

The game was published by Failbetter Games. The price of it as of October 2020 starts at USD 1 for 4 and USD 50 for 280. In the second option, about 17.86 to 25 US cents are charged for each.


  • It is a single-player video game.

Platforms: iOS, browser, and android.

Developer: Failbetter Games

Year: 2009

Progress Quest

Progress Quest Games like Spent

Progress Quest is a video game developed as a parody and a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, action game, and adventure game are the genres of this game.

In the Progress Quest, you will get to experience a fantastical and antique computer role-playing environment that is worth the time you spend playing and using your brain to solve the quest. It is up to you how you play it and manage the surroundings.

The game is free to play and does not cost anything to the player. It has a deep plot, and the character develops according to different questions and levels. And the game has a reception where you can get a guide of different missions. 

Furthermore, the gameplay is easy yet exciting and the parody of MMORPGs is the main genre of this game. 


  • It is 100% free to play. You can play it anytime and anywhere and they will not charge you a single buck.
  • It is a single-player video game.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, web browser, and Android.

Developer: Eric Fendricksen

Year: 2002

Adventure Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist Games like Spent

AdVenture Capitalist is an incremental video game like Spent that is published by Hyper Hippo Productions. It was first initially released only for browsers and Android but further expanded to other platforms like iOS and PlayStation 4.

It is one of the best Spent alternatives because you will be going on an adventure of managing your venture. In the game, you'll start as a small and humble lemonade stand owner but you will have to squeeze your way to become one of the multinational conglomerates famous worldwide.

In the game, you will be experiencing creating your brand and offering services as a monopolistic person of the economy. And you will face different quests and missions. Since you might get confused sometimes, the game has all the required lights for every mission for you.

The game is available for free at the steam store, the App Store, and the Google play store where it has received excellent feedback. From players at the steam store, it has a 9 overall rating and over 52,000 reviews.

And it did an excellent job at the Google Play Store by receiving a good 4.5 overall rating with over 1 million votes. As for the App Store, it did the best job by receiving a 4.7 rating with over 300,000 reviews. 

Though the app is free, there is mention of in-app purchases along with ads. Browser game, indie game, casual game and incremental game or the main genres of this game.


  • If you are going to install it from the Google play store, you can also view the trailer before installing it.
  • Everyone is allowed to install this game and play it.
  • It is a single-player video game.

Platforms: Web browser, PlayStation 4, Android, Linux, Macintosh operating system, Microsoft Windows, and iOS.

Developer: Hyper Hippo Entertainment

Year: 2014


Spaceplan game

Spaceplan is a clicker video game published by Devolver Digital which was initially released only for Microsoft’s Windows along with iOS but was further expanded for other devices and platforms. Its main genres are indie game, adventure, and casual game.

Inside the game, the player is shown stuck on a ship in orbit. He or she is around an unknown planet where potatoes are the only power source they have and you have to manage and survive on that planet without dying.

It is one of the best games like Spent because it allows you to manage your own living. While Spent had missions where you had to manage your money and lifestyle on the earth, here things will be different and maybe more exciting.

The game is available on the Google Play Store, Steam Store, App Store, and the website. At the Google Play Store, you'll have to pay $2.99 to download the game and the same amount is charged at the App Store and steam store. However, it is available for free at

It received excellent feedback at the Google Play Store with an overall 4.4 rating and over 3000 votes. At the steam store, it did an outstanding job by acquiring nine overall ratings and about 2000 reviews. 

Similar feedback was received at with a 9.1 rating and over 2000 votes. As for the app store, it did a great job with a 4.2 rating and over 700 reviews.


  • It is a single-player video game.
  • The game has an extended story and version available on mobile, PC, and tablets.
  • The game is available in 11 different languages on different devices.
  • You at least need about 250 MB of available space in your device to run this game smoothly.
  • You at least need an Intel core 2 duo T5600 processor to install this game.

Platforms: Android, Microsoft’s Windows, Mac iOS, and iOS.

Developer: Jake Hollands

Year: 2017

Final Words: Games like Spent

There is no exact similar game like Spent on the internet to this date but all the above-mentioned games allow you to manage something. It all depends on you whether you are compatible with managing yourself, the community that follows you, the people, and more things.

Moreover, every game has a different plotline, story, and gameplay. And even if you are a new player in this field, these games are best to get new experiences and learn new things. Every game is known to be interesting and has received satisfactory responses from users on different platforms.

So, we hope by reading our list of best Spent alternatives, now you have a bunch of games you are going to try next after Spent.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of game is Spent?

Spent is an easy and quick web-based game. It gives users a thorough understanding of how low-wage jobs affect families and individuals. The game is created by the urban ministries of Durham to help people understand how it is to live like the poor. The game challenge is for the player to live for a bull month on a salary of 1000.

How long does the game Spent take?

To save money from your salary, the game will offer you some other options that will be losses of different kinds. For example, for paying an important bill you will have to take your child’s money or the money you kept for his on her education. The game does not take long to complete. It depends on the player as and how he or she will manage to escape the situation without losing anything important. The game will take about 10 to 15 minutes to come.