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9 Best Games like Peggle to Play Right Now! [2024]

9 Best Games like Peggle to Play Right Now! [2024]

Games like Peggle: Peggle is a popular arcade puzzle video game by PopCap Games, where you have to follow the three main mantras of the game — aim, shoot, and clear all the orange pegs to sit back as you are guided to victory by other creatures. 

Peggle is for those who aren't necessarily interested in action and popular genre games – instead, can have fun and have a relaxing time playing some arcade puzzle games like Peggle. 

Peggle is certainly a good game – best when you want to pass time while still doing something innovative. Regardless, if you have had your time with the game and are searching for more games like Peggle, then we are pleased to inform you that this article contains a list of the best 9 games like Peggle. 

List of Games like Peggle:

1. Roundguard 

Roundguard Games like Peggle

Roundguard is another arcade game that introduces you to a bouncy dungeon crawler filled with lots of loot, physics, and a random castle overflowing with oddballs. 

Here, you will be playing against your luck and hordes of cutest monsters — challenging the roguelike components throughout the adventure.

Additionally, it’s a pinball game and you get to play multiple different classes like the rogue, the druid, the Warrior, and the wizard to get to own elements for each class separately, like special items, unique skills, etc.

Key Highlights

  • Compete on the leaderboard – Roundguard comes with challenges where you have to master your skills and compete with other top players from worldwide on the leaderboard.
  • Daily shot puzzles – Roundguard has a new short puzzle ready for you every day to test your skills and enhance them steadily.
  • Chat with oddballs – Roundguard lets you chat with other creatures in the colorful castle, where you’ll know about different quests, and also understand why some subjects want their kings deceased.

2. Grindstone 

Grindstone Game

Grindstone is a puzzle-adventure video game where you have to complete levels by killing all your enemies using attacks. In this game, you have to mine grindstones and like the typical 9-to-5 job – go on epic adventures regularly.

Moreover, Grindstone is filled with creeps who are strolling around mountains in more than 250 levels of ever-increasing challenges in threats and puzzles.

Key Highlights

  • Play and explore – Grindstone allows you to challenge the strongest bosses, defeat them, and become besties — and explore the beautiful locations in the game.
  • Be innovative – Grindstone will help you discover ancient blueprints to craft new elements like new gears while unlocking the boss rush-mode, and many such things.

3. Zuma 

Zuma Game

Zuma isn’t like other puzzle games mentioned above – but still, an interesting arcade game with ever-increasing challenges and obstacles to complete hundreds of levels. 

Zuma follows a storyline where, as the MC, you have to travel deep into the jungle and discover the tricks and traps hidden in the temples. You have to unfold all the treasures and fight against strong frog idols to win the levels.

Key Highlights

  • Over 20 temples – Zuma has more than 20 temples to offer with each temple having different designs and unique aspects.
  • Gauntlet mode – if you ever wish to test your skills, then you can switch to the adventure mode and try your luck in the gauntlet mode.
  • Thrilling graphics and sound effects – Zuma has especially focused on its 3D graphic effects along with the well-suited song and tribal tune to keep you entertained.

4. Tidalis 

Tidalis Game

Tidalis is an underrated title-matching game, a block arcade puzzle game with hardcore debts and intriguing new mechanics. 

Tidalis is filled with varieties and dozens of interesting blocks and items to treasure. It has over 100 levels, and with the help of adventure mode – can always test your best skills in puzzle-solving.

Key Highlights

  • More than 20 game Stites – Tidalis comes with over 20 game styles and has over 15 items and blocks to help you in harder levels.
  • Customization – players have the privilege to make and share themes, adventures, and levels from scratch.
  • Different game modes – Tidalis has a variety of game modes, whether you are searching for a hardcore focus mode or a casual-friendly adventure mode.

5. Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3 Game

Bejeweled 3 is another interesting tile-matching puzzle arcade game, the 5th game in the Bejeweled Game series. It’s known for its brightest levels, offering new and enhanced ways to play one of the most interesting puzzle games worldwide.

Bejeweled 3 has various game modes for different moods. In addition to that, it has nonstop action where you can also enjoy the beautiful sound and sights in the game while relaxing to the fullest. 

Key Highlights

  • 8 game modes — Bejeweled 3 literally has 8 different ways to play for all types of moods. 
  • 40 magical puzzles — Bejeweled 3 is here with 40 magical quests, all with ever-increasing bejeweled challenges.
  • Earn badges — Bejeweled 3 has around 65 badges to prove your skills in puzzle-solving.
  • Breathtaking graphics — one of the main reasons why Bejeweled 3 is so famous, is because of its HD beautiful graphics, sights, and sound effects to keep you thrilled all the time.

6. Sparkle & Gems 

Sparkle & Gems Game

Sparkles & Gems is another interesting arcade puzzle game including two main characters, who face and challenge each other head-to-head using their paddles. Their main goal is to break all the color-matching gems and cascade rocks on each other.

Sparkles & Gems further include multiple levels and interesting items to make hard levels easier for you. It also includes a novelistic story mode – which includes multiple little treasures and an exciting story to follow.

Key Highlights

  • 3 game modes – the story mode will drive you throughout the story, the treasure mode will have you play for treasure quests, and the 2P will challenge you in the local multiplayer mode.
  • Tutorials – although Sparkles & Gems come with easy gameplay, all the basics still have tutorials to help you pass the levels quickly.
  • Customization – you get to customize the gameplay settings and  alter some of the parts according to your preferences. 

7. Luxor 

Luxor Game

Luxor is a game series of tile-matching action puzzle games, where you’ll be experiencing exciting and addicting gameplay, taking you on an adventure in ancient Egypt.

In Luxor, Isis has ordered you to fight against Set and all his cruel minions. With the help of your scarab, you have to destroy all the approaching spheres and complete levels to gain victory.

Key Highlights

  • Power-ups — Luxor has a variety of exciting power-ups to make you stronger while facing hard levels.
  • Personal profiles — Luxor has individual personal profiles where your profile will talk about everything about you and your character in the game.
  • Over 89 levels — Luxor comes with about 88 challenging levels, each with ever-increasing toughness.

8. Peggle Extreme 

Peggle Extreme Game

Peggle Extreme is another one in the popular Peggle game series, but the difference is that it's a rather fast-paced puzzle, action game, combining the major elements of pachinko and pinball to give you an entirely new experience.

Furthermore, Peggle Extreme follows a certain plotline where the Peggle Institute is invaded by a dangerous host of other-dimensional creatures. Now, it’s your responsibility as the Peggle master to kill all the creatures to save the Institute.

Key Highlights

  • 10 extreme levels — Peggle Extreme has 10 levels, and if you master these 10 extreme challenges, you’ll be the winner.
  • 5 master challenges — apart from the extreme game levels, Peggle Extreme also has 5 master levels, which will give you a different experience from the regulars.
  • Multiplayer mode — if you’re bored playing in the single-player mode, then you can switch to the duel/multiplayer mode and play against the computer or a friend.

9. Peggle 2 

Peggle 2 Game

Peggle 2 it’s a casual puzzle game, the direct sequel to the official Peggle puzzle game to give you an even more magical puzzle-solving experience. This sequel includes magical pegs, bouncing balls, and bricks filled with joy and fun.

Peggle 2 is here to test your luck in arcade gaming skills where you have to clear all the pegs in the level, break all the bricks, and aim your shot perfectly to achieve the extreme fever of each level.

Key Highlights

  • 5 Magical Masters — Peggle 2 is compressed with 5 different magical Peggle masters who will help you discover their unique strengths and abilities to solve harder levels.
  • Over 100 levels — Peggle 2 comes with more than 120 levels to reach above your puzzle-solving expectations.
  • 2 game modes — Peggle 2 has the peg party mode to show off your skills in front of three other players, or play against a single enemy in the duel mode.

Final Words 

All the games like Peggle mentioned in the above article have received positive, or at least above-average positive responses from the users. Indeed, a few of the games are underrated, but all of them have interesting and addictive gameplay. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for some casual arcade games, especially in the puzzle section to test your puzzle-solving skills, then the above-mentioned list has the best games to try out right now!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of game is Peggle?

Peggle is a casual arcade game where you have to try your luck in shooting and aim, shoot, and clear all the orange pegs to clear the levels

Is Peggle a mobile game?

Peggle is not exactly a mobile game, but it was released for both android and iOS devices in 2014 and gets updated whenever there are updates in the original game. 

Are there more games like Peggle on Steam?

Yes, there are plenty of casual arcade and puzzle games like Peggle on Steam, but if we’re talking about the best ones, then the list includes Zuma, Peggle Extreme, Grindstone, Roundguard, Sparkles and Gems, Bejeweled 3, and Luxor. 

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