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9 Top Games like Love Nikki: Must-Play Dress-Up Games for 2024!

9 Top Games like Love Nikki: Must-Play Dress-Up Games for 2024!

Games like Love Nikki: Love Nikki, also known as Miracle Nikki, is an engaging English RPG video game. It is where you get to discover a fantastical world of fashion and trends in 360mobi Nikki, also the top fashion game in southeast Asia. 

In this game, you get to use a good ton of fancy clothing pieces, shoes, hairstyles, and accessories to complete missions. You can also challenge and compete with millions of other experienced stylists to become the most famous fashionable girl in town.

Indeed, Love Nikki is a good option. But, there are many who have already tried the game and don’t know what’s next. So, for the people like them, we have brought a list of the top games like Love Nikki mentioned right below, in this article. 

List of Games like Love Nikki:

1. Shining Nikki 

Shining Nikki Games like Love Nikki

Shining Nikki, as you might’ve already guessed, is a popular sequel to the original Love Nikki dress-up video game, with literally over 1 million downloads only on the Google Play Store. 

The main highlight and change you can see in this game is that it is entirely 3D, giving an extra enhanced effect as you choose to style your avatar in your favorite designs and outfits. 

Additionally, as the well-known sequel, the game includes stunning visuals, and thousands of extra fabric textures are added to some previous collections, with models containing more than 80,000 polygons. 

Key Highlights

  • You’ll get to show off your talent on fashion portraits, movie posters, magazine covers, etc.
  • It’ll let you become a social queen so that you can go on board with your friends to study stages, shadowy theaters, concert halls, grand parties, and more.
  • You’ll be doing plenty of interesting things like going to the movies, celebrating birthdays, traveling together with your friends and Nikki, and shopping. 

2. Pastel Girl

Pastel Girl game

Pastel Girl : Dress Up Game will definitely amuse you if you love pastel colors, because it has an adorable pastel theme and too cute yet detailed illustrations. 

Additionally, it is known as a healing game, where you get to decorate a cute girl, and all types of pastel shades and backgrounds, while doing a lot of more fun things — all by using simple gameplay and controls. 

Overall, we really liked how the game had almost everything a pastel color lover would opt for. Yet, if you’re still not convinced to try it, then let us inform you that it has literally over 10 million downloads only on the Google Play Store. 

Key Highlights

  • A good variety of clothing pieces and items offer great animation effects.
  • You get to decorate your cute girl with the help of a big collection of clothing pieces, speech bubbles, items, and letters.

3. Life Makeover 

Life Makeover game

Life Makeover is known to be a limitless dress-up and social simulation video game. Here, you can create your own avatar based on your preferences, personalize, dress-up and makeup, build your own dream house, and do plenty of exciting things.

Compared to the two mentioned above, this game is probably the best when it comes to 3D art style and illustrations, all so stunning that one has to get addicted to watching them. 

Overall, it allows you to feel that relaxing vibe as you try on multiple outfits and trends on your avatar while living a proper life as a stylist in the game. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to unlock thousands of fashion styles, including beautiful outfits, exquisite dresses, the latest fashion products, rare vintage couture, and more. 
  • You not only get to design your avatar, but you can also try making the fabric through a proper product process, including marking, printing, cutting, etc. 

4. Pastel Friends 

Pastel Friends game

Pastel Friends is another one on the relaxing video game side, a dress-up game with over a million on the Google Play Store. It is where you get to decorate cute avatars along with their backgrounds in entirely pastel color palettes. 

Here, you get to choose from two modes and decide if you want to decorate an avatar or your friends, while the avatars you saved from the avatar mode can also be used to decorate friends in the friend's mode.

Key Highlights

  • The game comes with varied yet easy controls and functions like drag-and-drop, mirror change layers, and such – all with some lovely animations and effects.
  • You get to share your decorated avatar and a background image with your friends with one click.
  • The UI of the game is our personal favorite because it's filled with only the light and the lightest shades.

5. Lily Diary 

Lily Diary

Lily Diary is another popular dress-up video game presented, with a good rating and literally more than 10 million downloads only on the Google Play Store.

In this game, you get to decorate avatars along with the backgrounds and you are free to save avatars wherever you want. As for the mechanics, it contains simple functions like mirrors and layers switch, drag and drop, etc. 

Moreover, the game is filled with only the light shade and one of the cutest UIs, decorated with bows, flowers, and pretty avatars. 

Key Highlights

  • It has plenty of storage initially so you don’t have to worry about saving and deleting your works
  • You can create your unique story with many items, outfits, speech bubbles, text, and animals.
  • You get to share your avatars and background images with your friends as well as on social media.

6. Time Princess

Time Princess game

Time Princess : Dreamtopia is one of the leading titles on this list with over 10 million downloads and a great rating on Google Play Store. 

It’s the same dress-up game but with a twist of butterfly effect that will take you on a journey through time to live the lives of women of history and literature.

Moreover, unlike many mentioned in this article, it contains a plot where you visit your grandpa and get curious about the mysterious places, only to end up in a beautiful and magical adventure.

Key Highlights

  • It is a dramatic story-changing game where your choices will change your fate and end.
  • You get to use your imagination and customize clothing through special styles, colors, and patterns.
  • It includes a relaxing pet system where you can adopt cute kittens and cats.
  • You can make friends with other players from different parts of the world and share your creativity.

7. Monster Girl Maker

Monster Girl Maker
Play Monster Girl Maker

Monster Girl Maker is listed in this article with over 5 million downloads only on the Google Play Store – a platform where you can create cute monster characters.

Yes, it is a video game where you will find plenty of aesthetics, as well as hairstyles along with a big wardrobe to explore. Basically, it provides you with all the tools you need to create your character.

Moreover, you get to create numerous characters and an assortment of portraits with the help of more than a thousand diverse parts, including mouth, eyes, skin, hair, eyebrows, clothes, and accessories.

Key Highlights

  • You will be creating monsters with many different things, including horns, stitches, slimes, wings, multiple eyes, and more.
  • It has a simple UI which you can see in any other dress-up game, along with adorable illustrations and animations filled with only pastel colors.

8. CocoPPA Play Star Girl Fashion

CocoPPA Play Star Girl Fashion

CocoPPA Play Star Girl Fashion is a popular dress-up video game where you can create and decorate your own avatar with the help of some really adorable outfits. 

Here, you will be doing plenty of interesting things with enough objects, which only keep on increasing as you level up. For instance, you get to manage fashion shows with your own creations to show your fashion globally.

Overall, it is another popular game listed with more than 5 million downloads, an easy UI with the usual dress-up game mechanics, and how can we forget about thousands of items placed in your wardrobe?

Key Highlights

  • The art style and animation of the game are precious and filled with small and cute characters.
  • You get to choose from more than 60,000 fashion items.
  • You get to communicate with other players from different parts of the world through in-app chatting.

9. Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja Game

Dragon Raja includes a comprehensive character customization system, where players get to define their character's personality according to responses to unforeseen situations and events. 

Compared to the titles mentioned above, this game has a totally different genre and plot, and instead of simple little things, you will see some action, cuteness, and intense stuff.

Overall, it has unique gameplay and a large island inspired by Japanese ninjas, including the characters equipped with the traditional ninja weapon collection and interesting skills. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to define yourself by choosing from over a thousand different styles and outfits.
  • You can enjoy peace of life in your warm house. 
  • The game has stunning 3D graphics along with beautiful and cute characters.

Final Words 

There are many dress-up video games available on the internet, but since we are looking for something more than just a usual dress-up game, the above-mentioned list includes only the popular and exciting games. 

So, if you don’t want to waste your time researching, then you must try the ones mentioned above.

With this, we have successfully presented the best games like Love Nikki, and hope the article was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are some games similar to Love Nikki?

Shining Nikki, Dragon Raja, Lily Diary, Pastel Girl, Monster Girl Maker, Time Princess : Dreamtopia, Pastel Friends, CocoPPA Play, and Life Makeover are some games similar to Love Nikki.

Are there any more fashion games like Love Nikki?

Dragon Raja, Lily Diary, Monster Girl Maker, Time Princess : Dreamtopia, Pastel Friends, Life Makeover, Pastel Girl, Shining Nikki, and CocoPPA Play are a few more fashion games like Love Nikki.

Which are good iOS games like Love Nikki?

Time Princess : Dreamtopia, Pastel Friends, Shining Nikki, Lily Diary, Pastel Girl, CocoPPA Play, Life Makeover, Monster Girl Maker, and Dragon Raja are a few of the good iOS games like Love Nikki.