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8 Top Games like Dream Daddy You’ll Love! [2024]

8 Top Games like Dream Daddy You’ll Love! [2024]

Games like Dream Daddy: Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a novel-based video game where you get the main character of a dad who has recently moved into a new house with his daughter, and your main objective is to meet with other hot dads and romance with them. 

No wonder Dream Daddy is filled with fun, and if you are a fan of dating sims, then this game is a must-try! Yet, if you have already tried the game and liked the concept – then are you interested in some more amusing games like Dream Daddy?

If it’s a Yes from you, then we welcome you to our article below containing a list of the best 8 games like Dream Daddy you must try if you are into dating sims and related concepts!

List of Games like Dream Daddy:

1. Hustle Cat 

Hustle Cat Games like Dream Daddy

Hustle Cat is a visual novel-based dating simulator following the story of Avery Grey. You are given the MC role of Avery and you have just joined a cat cafe named A Cat’s Paw — whose coffee is delicious and the staff is friendly too — but a bit mysterious.

Hustle Cat follows the plotline where you further enjoy working at the cat cafe with everything seeming to be on point. Until one day, when you visit the basement for some work and find a weird book – including letters you can’t seem to read.

Key Highlights

  • More important characters: Hustle Cat is not just about you, but all the other 5 employees who play important roles in the mystery.
  • Work in a Cafe: while you will be following the mysterious story – you will also have fun working in a genuine cat cafe!

2. Doki Doki Literature Club! 

Doki Doki Literature Club Game

Doki Doki Literature Club! is a well-known freeware, visual novel-based video game, a dating simulator welcoming you to a literature club filled with only cute girls, with the main question — Which one will be yours by the end?

Doki Doki Literature Club! includes four characters in the club – Sayori, who respects happiness, Yuri, the mysterious one, Monica, the leader of the club, and lastly, we have Natsuki – the cute girl. 

Key Highlights

  • Mini quests and challenges: Doki Doki Literature Club! Is a dating simulator game but along with flirting with the members of the club, you will also be solving some small and interesting challenges and quests frequently.
  • Know each member in detail: Doki Doki Literature Club! Has each member of the club adoring you in one way or another, and you will be knowing them in detail to decide which one is your favorite.
  • DDLC Fan Pack: Doki Doki Literature Club! Is  free to play, but if you decide to donate $10 or more, then you will get access to the ‘DDLC Fan Pack’ coming with 4 premium benefits.

3. To Trust An Incubus 

To Trust An Incubus Game

To Trust an Incubus is a mobile dating simulator video game — a Yaoi sci-fi strictly for adults where you will be playing the MC role of Kenta the doc, who is locked in a science lab with 4 sexy incubi from other dimensions. 

To Trust an Incubus follows the plot where the MC has to manage the four aliens in quarantine who came through Professor Raiden’s interdimensional portal — with no clue if these beings are evil villains or ordinary aliens.

Key Highlights

  • Originally novel-based: To Trust an Incubus was originally a novel and this game contains over 1,50,000 words, with over 20 original music tracks, and more than 200 breathtaking CGs. 
  • Mini-games: To Trust an Incubus is like the usual dating simulator game, but you’ll have more fun playing three unique mini-games.
  • Over 30 endings: To Trust an Incubus has 4 routes for 4 aliens in the game, and has about 35 different endings based on your choices.
  • Characters: apart from the main character, Kenta, and 4 incubus – Devi, Valom, Saji, and Harsi, we have more important characters in the game named Raiden, Arata, and Chiyoko.

4. FictIf 

FictIf Game

FictIf: Interactive Romance is an amusing selection of interactive visual novel-based romances, where you make decisions according to your preferences and guide yourself to the end accordingly.

FictIf is a unique type of dating simulator with adventure-filled episodes, filled with mystery and romance. Every decision you make will change the end accordingly, and you will experience different endings with every distinct choice.

Key Highlights

  • Open to explore: FictIf is not just about meeting new people at your workplace and falling in love, but it also opens multiple adventures for you, where you can travel to new destinations, fall in love with complete strangers, and even solve a murder mystery.
  • Multiple heroes: FictIf doesn’t ask you to settle with one hero at a time – meaning, you can romance and go out with multiple males at once.
  • Story Library: FictIf contains a comprehensive story library containing collections of my many interactive Romance stories, with different sub-genres and distinct characters and plots. 

5. Amorous 

Amorous Game

Amorous is another unique game in this list — a furry, freeware, and romance video game, set in a fictional version of Miami, including other cities where you play the role of an ordinary college graduate, who is currently waiting for a reply after multiple job interviews. 

Amorous is another unusual type of dating simulator game – again, only strictly for adults, full of furry dating scenes where you meet many different characters and go on your dream furry dates. 

Key Highlights

  • Multiple characters: Amorous doesn’t ask you to romance only with a couple of characters because it has about 9 fully datable characters you can unite with.
  • Mini-games and novelties: Amorous dating simulator is fun as it is, but to add more excitement – it also has numerous mini-games and novelties.

6. Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon Game

Boyfriend Dungeon is indeed a dating simulator, but a rather tough dungeon crawler dating sim, taking place in an urban fantasy setting. Here, the player plays the MC and has to fight in dungeons with a human partner who can convert into a sentient weapon.

Boyfriend Dungeon is another unusual dating simulator where you will be practically dating different types of weapons. Furthermore, the game includes many types of Romance polearms, daggers, and swords.

Key Highlights

  • Types of combat: Boyfriend Dungeon includes different types of combat styles, where you can fight with multiple enemies through a laser saber, or fight one-on-one in a fistfight.  
  • Date: Boyfriend Dungeon will not only take you on different adventures in dungeons, but you will also be going out with hot weapon men on dates – whether you wish to go on a beach or a club. 
  • Over 5 weapons: Boyfriend Dungeon offers you 9 weapons – 9 hot men with different weapon styles to date.

7. Coming Out on Top 

Coming Out on Top Game

Coming Out on Top is a gay dating simulator video game where you will be taking the role of a college senior named Mark Matthews. You have recently come out of the closet and now wish to explore gay dating to the fullest.

Coming Out on Top further follows the story where with the help of your good roommates, you will be meeting over 10 hot guys – all waiting for you to take turns and decide the best dude from them for you.

Key Highlights

  • Numerous routes: Coming Out on Top offers 6 full-length roads with 1 bonus – a secret Route.
  • Tens of detailed scenes: Coming Out on Top has more than 80 fully detailed scenes in the game, including all the mature scenes in action.
  • Different types of dates: Coming Out on Top will take you on an experience with about 10 hilarious and unforgettable dates – each providing a unique experience.

8. Monster Prom 

Monster Prom Game

Monster Prom is one of the popular unique dating simulator video games where you will be given 3 full weeks to find your ideal date for Monster Prom. 

Monster Prom will take you on an absurd adventure, where you will be facing multiple funny situations, you need to raise your stats, and practically seduce one of your reliable classmates for the prom.

Key Highlights

  • Thousands of situations: Monster Prom will get you involved in over a thousand situations – each of different types, mainly focusing on funny scenes.
  • Over 5 characters to date: Monster Prom has 6 fully fledged classmates to choose from and find the best to take with you to the prom.
  • Competitive and Funny: Monster Prom is a competitive dating simulator with a fantastically funny writing style, and let’s not forget about its gorgeous art. 

Final Words

Dream Daddy is an interesting dating simulator where you don’t need to be gay to play the game and have fun exploring funny ways of dating. 

However, if you have already tried it and were searching for more similar games, then the list mentioned above has many gems you could try and have a blast.

With this, we have successfully reached the conclusion of the article and hope you now have a good bunch of games like Dream Daddy dating simulators to try.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there more games like Dream Daddy iOS?

Hustle Cat and Doki Doki Literature Club! are some of the more games like Dream Daddy iOS offering you unique dating simulator experiences with beautiful art and characters.

Are there more dating games like Dream Daddy?

Yes, Amorous, Doki Doki Literature Club, Coming Out On A Top, Fictif, To Trust An Incubus, Boyfriend Dungeon, and Monster Prom are some of the best dating games like Dream Daddy.