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7 Best Freewrite Alternative to Try Out! [2024]

7 Best Freewrite Alternative to Try Out! [2024]

Freewrite Alternative: All the writers out there, calling you all to join in because this article is solely dedicated to you. Writing is a therapy, be it writing in the 90s or writing now with the help of technology.

In both ways, writers have bled their feelings and opinions out loud and clear. As technology advances, now writing is not just writing on paper but with smart tools to enhance the beauty of the same.

There are plenty of tools to help writers perform their best such as smart devices, smart typewriters, and smart mobile and desktop apps to improve tune, grammar, writing style, etc which is of great help to the writers.

But usually, when writers are writing there are many chances of getting distracted by emails, social media, youtube, etc. Hence there is a term called distraction-free writing where writers focus only on writing and there are devices and tools which provide such features.

Freewrite is a beautifully made device that encourages distraction-free writing for all writers. With Freewrite you write very often and very comfortably. It is a device that gives you mixed feelings of a typewriter and mechanic keyboard and has individual keys with asy punchings.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Best Freewrite alternatives which have better prices, more features, and easy alternatives in general. By the end of the article, you will get the best options for Freewrite Alternative and their key highlights.

List of Freewrite Alternative

1. Calmly Writer

Calmly Writer Freewrite Alternative

Calmly Writer comes with an editor and desktop app for the writers to write with full focus. Hence it tops the list of Freewrite Alternatives to look out for.

Calmly Writer as the name suggests gives you the experience of writing without getting any distractions by notifications, blinks, etc. It also has a focus mode where you can select the ultimate mode of focus on one thing at a time.

In the focus mode, the Calmly writer shows the highlights of the paragraph that the writer is currently editing which allows the writer to focus only on his work without everything and anything on the screen as distractions.

Key Highlights

  • It is a quick, efficient, and user-friendly app.
  • You can get access to it on your desktop with a free version as well as a one-time payment version to select.
  • The focus mode offered by Calmly Writer is perfect for hassle-free editing and focus on writing.
  • Calmly Writer also offers styles and different modes of writing as per the writer’s comfort.
  • It has a word count indicator with backup technology which saves your work.


  •  $11.45 as a one-time payment.
  • Calmly Writer also has a free version to explore.

2. Scrivener

Scrivener Writer

Scrivener is another writing app that is best for long-form works which gives writers multiple tools at the lowest prices possible hence it is a top 2 choice for Freewrite Alternative.

Scrivener is the best writing app that has tools such as creating, editing, and organizing all your masterpieces in the proper place. It is a great fit if you are writing fiction books with lots of endnotes, different plots, etc.

For pure writing and the best organization of the work, Scrivener is a must-try.

Key Highlights

  • Scrivener is available on Mac, Windows, and iOS.
  • There are many collections of different styles of templates for the writer to choose the best.
  • Scrivener offers competitive pricing with the best features.
  • The app allows multiple installs on the devices.


  •  The price of Scrivener is $49.00

3. Neo2 Alphasmart Word Processor

Neo2 Alphasmart Word Processor Writer

The closest Freewrite Alternative is the Neo2 Alphasmart word Processor. If you haven’t tried your hands on this, then you must try it as soon as possible.

In simpler terms, the Neo2 Alphasmart word Processor is an oddly made keyboard that comes with an LCD screen attached to it. It is one of the best tools for distraction-free writing.

Neo2 Alphasmart does not need the urge to put on charge now and then, no distractions while using, its interface is clean, and easy to start typing as soon as you are focused to do so.

Key Highlights

  • It is very light and portable.
  • It comes with USB Plug in to save or transfer your document.
  • Neo2 Alphasmart Word Processor can also be directly connected to the printer.
  • This processor works as a calculator as well.


  • The price of Neo2 Alphasmart Word Processor starts from $50 to $159 as per retailers.

6. Bibisco

Bibisco Writer

Bibisco is one of the unique Freewrite alternatives to choose for distraction-free writing. It is a great app that helps writers to put their work in a structure-based finishing.

With the help of Bibisco, you can edit your novel’s timeline, characters, and locations as per the writer’s choice. With the help of Bibisco, it becomes easy to structure the novel and complete the work as soon as possible.

To know in detail about Bibisco, you should check here.

Key Highlights

  • Bisbisco has distraction-free writing.
  • It supports dark mode and has a find-and-replace feature.
  • It offers sequel creation, chapters, and different timelines easily with Bibisco.
  • Bibisco offers a free trial of their paid plan for 30 days.
  • With Bibisco you can have a book analysis.
  • Writers can do premise, fabula, setting, and narrative strands. 


  • A free community edition for the writers.
  • It also has a paid edition which costs around 28 euros as a one-time payment.

7. Chromebook


Chromebook stands for Lenevo 100e Chromebook Laptop easily available from online stores. It is one of the best and possible Freewrite alternatives to try at least.

Chromebook comes with multiple features which are necessary for the writer such as a multitouch screen to type and edit easily. Writers not only store data in typing documents but also with voice notes and video which Chromebook supports.

Chromebook is the best option for writers who need a flexible laptop so they can mold and fit as per their comfort level and not give shoulder and back pain after long hours of writing. Chromebook comes with a flexible rotation keyboard and screen with speedy typing to help writers.  

Key Highlights

  • It is an 11.6 Inch HD multitouch screen display.
  • This works best as a notebook computer with HD Camera and storage options.
  • It comes with micro SD and HDMI Cable and has access to hundreds of apps to use.
  • It has the best data management and supports a variety of USB connections.


  • The price of a Lenovo Chromebook is around $175.00 for 4GB RAM and 32GB EMMc.


Here we have come to the end of the article, showcasing the close Freewrite alternatives in the app as well as devices to get writers as soon as possible. These alternatives provide distraction-free writing with comfortable settings, styles, and templates.

With this list of apps, your distraction-free writing is made possible with portability, least cost, and multiple features which are crucial for the writer’s successful writing.


Is Freewrite any good?

If the writers are comfortable using mechanical keyboards then Freewrite is amazing to use.

What is the Freewrite tool?

Freewrite is a drafting device created for the writer to write and work without any distractions.

What are Freewrite Alternatives?

In this article, we are going to show you the best alternatives of Freewrite such as Chromebook, Bibisco, Calmly Writer, etc.

What does Calmly Writer do?

Calmly writing helps the writer to focus on their writing without getting distracted.

Is Calmly Writer free?

Calmly Writer can be downloaded for free but if you need a license for use then you have to purchase it for sure.