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Freepik vs Shutterstock: Which Is Better? [2024]

Freepik vs Shutterstock: Which Is Better? [2024]

Freepik vs Shutterstock: Freepik and Shutterstock are two of the most popular sites offering a wide range of free stock images.

But which is the best stock photo platform? Which has the best quality images? What are their differences? If any of these questions are running through your mind, don't worry.

In this article, we will give you a detailed Freepik vs Shutterstock comparison where we have answered all your questions. So, continue reading this article.



Freepik is an effective search tool that enables you to find no-cost, quality stock images and other visual resources, including vector images, illustrations, and PSD files. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for you to find what you need.

Its search engine features extensive filters that make finding any resource, orientation, color, style, etc., easy. It offers many graphic materials for download, which you may use for any personal or professional design project.

Also, it is a community-driven platform that enables you to submit your excellent ideas and get immediate criticism that helps you improve your abilities. It also gives vibrant choices for your content to edit or create high-quality banners and flyers.


Shutterstock is the best stock photo site that offers an extensive collection of stock images, videos, music, and editorial content. You may find everything visually related at Shutterstock, including editorial, abstract, nature, outdoor, vintage, financial, and infographics, among many more categories.

You can sort picture results by type (photo, illustration, vector), orientation (horizontal, vertical), color, category, number of people, and gender/ethnicity of people in the photos to discover the ideal image for your campaign.

Also, you may decide whether to view the newest, most pertinent, or most popular photographs first. You also get customization options that enhance any photo and make it unique to suit your specific needs.

Number Of Images


Freepik offers a massive collection of stock photos, in which the free plan provides access to thousands of accessible assets. Also, the Premium plan gives access to over 47 million editable fonts, icons, and pictures.

Furthermore, the Premium subscription includes Flaticon, which gives you access to more than 9.7 million vector stickers and icons.


Shutterstock has the most extensive collection of stock images, currently at 400 million. More images mean more choices and less chance of running out of new content, especially considering Shutterstock adds over 700,000 images weekly.

Moreover, Shutterstock has a vast library of editorial photos (50 million), videos (25 million), and music (28 thousand).

Image Quality


Freepik offers high-quality photos, vectors, icons, illustrations and PSD files for your creative projects.


Shutterstock offers good-quality images, but when compared with Freepik, its image quality is lower.



Freepik offers two pricing plans: Free and Premium

Free Plan: It provides a vast catalogue of free resources for a 7-day free trial.

Premium Plan:

For Individuals: 

  • The monthly plan costs 1200 INR per month while the yearly plan costs 725 INR per month, billed as 8700 INR per year.
  • You can benefit from various features in the Premium plan, such as high-quality materials, exclusive resources, a range of content, and editable files.
  • Flaticon, included in the Premium plan, is the home of editable icons and provides a built-in icon editor. It also consists of a font generator to improve the design process.
  • One of the most attractive aspects of the Premium plan is that it offers a full license, which allows you to use any asset for commercial or personal use without attributing the author.
  • Additionally, there is no limit to the number of collections you can create and the number of downloads per day. The version also consists of priority support, ensuring you can get needed help.

For Team: 

If you want to know about the Team plan and its features, you can visit here.


More than 3 million photos, vectors, and illustrations available on Shutterstock are royalty-free. But you can use the premium version if you want to create quality content or use licensed images.

There are three main types of premium plans; On-Demand, Individual Subscription and Team Description. Each of these plans has a monthly price depending on how many images you will download a month.

On-Demand Plan:

  • $29 for 2 images
  • $49 for 5 images
  • $229 for 25 images

Subscription Plan for individuals:

  • $49/month and $299/year for 10 images
  • $125/month and $979/year for 50 images
  • $199/month and $1649/year for 350 images
  • $249/month and $1999/year for 750 images

Shutterstock Editor Pro, which offers you access to their professionally created templates, unlimited custom sizes, gradients, progressive icons, and more, is a part of all subscription levels.

You can visit this page for a Team plan and to know more about Shutterstock pricing plans.

Which Is Better?

If we look at both of them individually, they have great features and downsides.

Freepik is known for a wide variety of image downloads, while Shutterstock is only for a few images. But Shutterstock is best for cheap on-demand photos with image packs.

Freepik is generally simpler to use, set up, and conduct business with. However, administration with Shutterstock is easy. When comparing the quality of images, Freepik is the preferred option.

Freepik has no particular categories, while Shutterstock is categorized as stock footage and music.


How many downloads does Freepik have?

You are only permitted a maximum of 10 downloads per day as a registered free user. If you want to extend this limit, purchase one of our Premium subscriptions.

Does Freepik have free images?

You may find a significant selection of free materials on Freepik by selecting the “Free” filter under the “Filters” menu in the top right corner of the screen. There is no cost at all for this information.

Why is Shutterstock better?

For those who require a variety of stock photographs at reasonable pricing, Shutterstock is the finest choice. Due to its comprehensive pricing options, it is appropriate for individuals, small to medium-sized organizations, and those requiring numerous enhanced licenses.

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