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FamilyAlbum App Review: Is It Legit? [2024]

FamilyAlbum App Review: Is It Legit? [2024]

FamilyAlbum App Review: Resting your pics and videos in Google Photos is simple. But, when the device starts to glitch, and pictures and videos start to disappear out of blue, you regret not opting for some other photo organizer.

Meanwhile, have you heard about the FamilyAlbum app? The same app which is currently leading on the App Store and Google Play Store for helping users photo sharing and organizing.

So, which also offers a bunch of benefits to free users too? Is it legit? Is it safe? Does it have ads? Does it offer premium membership? And many more questions will be answered if you go through our FamilyAlbum app review article below.


FamilyAlbum is a photo-sharing application published by Mixi Inc. It helps you say please share photos with your family, friends, and colleagues. And also helps in organizing the different category photos and videos.

You do not have to worry about storage as they offer unlimited storage. And unlike other apps, the FamilyAlbum app does not consist of multiple ads to pop up and annoy you. The highlight of the app is that it gives you a free photo of friends each month.

Although the app is free to use for whoever we did not wish to pay, it also offers a premium subscription plan that allows users to upgrade their profile from a basic member to a premium member. 

As you might have already guessed, becoming a premium member comes with additional perks. You get to experience additional advantages and benefits from the app along with the basics.

FamilyAlbum App Review

Key Features

  • If you are thinking about installing it from the Google Play Store, you can as well watch the trailer before installing it.
  • The application is easy to use by everyone.
  • It can be downloaded by every age group.
  • You get to start and customize your privately made curated collection of photos and videos along with the comment section to look back at the amazing memories.
  • The application will put up compilation videos with clips from different memories.

Pricing and Plans

The application is free to install on the Google play store and App Store. However, it comes with certain in-app purchases. The application can be used for free without dealing with limited storage options and annoying ads.

But, for those who would like to opt for the FamilyAlbum Premium subscription plan to receive additional perks of the app, they will be charged $4.99 per month. And the price can differ according to countries and currency rates but in the United States in USD, it is at $4.99 per month.

There is no yearly or quarterly pricing plan and it offers an auto-renewable plan. The first month will be free and they will not charge you for premium features. But, from the next month onwards you will have to pay $4.99 every month to receive the main features.

FamilyAlbum App Review

The application has received excellent feedback from all the platforms available. It received an outstanding 4.8 rating on the Google play store with over 157,000 votes.

And on the App Store, it took an outstanding 4.9 overall rating with over 142,000 reviews.

As seen by the amazing feedback from users on both android and iOS devices, it is clear that the FamilyAlbum app is one of the best Google photo apps currently in the market.

Is FamilyAlbum App legit?

Yes, the FamilyAlbum app is legit. Based on the almost 100% positive response from the users on all the platforms, it is certain that the FamilyAlbum app is legit.

Final Thoughts

FamilyAlbum is one of the best photo-sharing apps available. It gives you a whole lot of benefits even when you are not a premium member. It is a safe and secure place to rest your best moments and look back and then whenever you feel sad or like it.

There are plenty of other Google photo applications that give you additional perks but installing the FamilyAlbum will keep you carefree. In simple words, it is simply the best choice you have right now.

We hope by reading our FamilyAlbum app review, now you know why the application is so famous and trusted by millions of people from across the globe.

Frequently asked Questions 

Which is the best family photo-sharing app?

The FamilyAlbum – Photo-sharing app is one of the best photo-sharing apps currently on the internet. The app has been rated over 4.5 on all the main platforms like, Google Play Store, and App Store. It is the ultimate place to organize your pics and videos with unlimited space and no ads.

Is the FamilyAlbum app safe?

Yes, the FamilyAlbum app is 100% safe and secure to use.