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Faceit Premium vs Free: Is It Worth It? [2024]

Faceit Premium vs Free: Is It Worth It? [2024]

Faceit Premium vs Free: Would you like to show off your skills by playing a few free games or would you like to try the premium version and go for all the games present on the website? So, is it Faceit or Faceit Premium?

Every company has a strategy where it first gives you a taste of interesting services with free versions, then gives your greed for enhanced services that are outstanding.

Similarly, Faceit has a free version and a premium version. The free version allows you to play at Faceit for free – or, you can also pay a certain amount every month and take advantage of its great features.

Faceit also has some pros and cons for both free and premium versions of its software. To know which one is worth it, read the following article.

What is the Faceit app?

Faceit is a digital Esports stage for those who love quotes from the bottom of their hearts. Michele Attisani, Niccolò Maisto, and Alessandro Avallone founded it in London in 2011 with Niccolo Maisto as its current CEO.

For customers and new people to know more about them, it has profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Faceit has loads of missions like playing tournaments, hubs, and leagues for you that will help you win prizes like chests and skins and real-time prices like gaming gear, laptops, and much more.

And it provides the type of services to generate competitive CS: GO games out of valve's launched matchmaking systems. The platform cheers for its own league system and also for other games including CS: GO.

So, if you wish to try the website, it is free to play and you can join any community that interests you or create your own community. The settings will be in your hands, so personalize your own place.

Although you cannot directly make money from Faceit, you can still buy skins and other digital Elements inside the game worth over 200 euros. Later, you can then either sell the product you bought or keep it for yourself.

Faceit Premium: Like other usual premium subscriptions, Faceit will allow you to use the great services and features allowed for prime members of the Faceit community.

The major benefit with premium subscribers will be – they will get access to every game available on faces with all the benefits regarding other games.

Faceit Premium vs Free: Pricing and Plans

Faceit is free for the ones who are merely interested in gaming. If you wish to play games without spending any penny, you can opt for gaming on Faceit. It does not ask you for payments at the start or afterward.

There is no such feature as a free trial. So, take advantage of the free version as long as you wish. Also, to the ones who are using Faceit premium, you can always cancel your subscription and head back to the free version anytime.

faceit premium vs free

Faceit Premium: faces premium offers more than just a couple of subscription packages. You can take Premium for 1 month 3 months 6 months or 12 months.

A 1-month subscription will cost you 9.99 euros billed monthly. A 3 months subscription will cost you the same billed quarterly at 29.97 euros. The 6-month subscription will cost you less than the previous ones – 8.99 euros billed biannually at 53.94 euros. The last package of 12 months will cost you 6.99 euros every month billed annually at 83.99 euros.

While you save 12 euros per year with a 6 months package – you save 36 euros a year with a 12 months package.


Free version:

  1. Win skins and other elements in online games.
  2. Receive opportunities to win real-time prices.
  3. Explore new games by popular Developers.
  4. No commitments and payments. Login with your ID and start playing immediately.

Faceit Premium Features:

  1. You will get a premium subscription badge as soon as you become a prime member.
  2. Unlock ELO and enhanced statistical features.
  3. Ability to play in ladders and leagues.
  4.  Make changes to your nickname every 3 months.
  5. There is a separate team for premium members known as the Premium Customer support service team.
  6. Select the ‘All' option for play preferences at the time of queuing.
  7. A separate set of premium missions will start for you where you can collect Faceit points.
  8. Get access to those tournaments that are only available for subscribers.
  9. Automated highlights through the desktop client.
  10. Acess to all the Premium Matchmaking events.
  11. You can play all the games available on the website.

Pros and Cons



  • Free to play.
  • Opportunities to play popular games by well-known developers.
  • Win multiple rewards by earning points through gaming.


  • For level 7 and above, you must buy the premium for a higher level or it is going to go down the vain
  • Competitive hubs or paid.

Faceit Premium:


  • You will get access to machines allowed only for premium members and earn more basic points.
  • You will receive access to ranked league prices along with Faceit points.
  • You will be given priority to become the captain in matchmaking for All the players.


  • After you pay for a premium plan, the matchmaking system falls below good quality.
  • Out of every 10 games, you will get at least 3 to 5 games with only 4 to 6 levels.

Faceit Premium vs Free: Is it worth it?

If you wish to try on every single game present on the software, a premium subscription is required. The benefits also include a premium batch displayed beside your name on the account and you can change your nickname every 3 months and more benefits are on the way.

But, as every single thing in this world has advantages along with disadvantages, Faceit premium also has some. Although you will have access to all the games, every 3-5 games out of 10 games will have only 5-7 levels. The quality of the services will drop and you might regret taking the premium if you've expected more.

Final words: Faceit Premium vs Free

Faceit Premium is worth taking for many reasons. But, if you are expecting more satisfaction from gaming and tournaments then maybe Faceit premium is not so good.

The premium will allow you to play games with higher points as prizes. The chances of you winning the prizes will automatically increase but that certainly does not mean you will definitely win.

Hopefully, the above Faceit Premium vs Free comparison article has helped to you understand everything about Faceit premium and its free version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Faceit Premium worth it?

Yes. You get access to all the games presented on the website.

What is the difference between Face Free vs Premium?

There are a good bunch of things that make the Faceit free version different from the premium version. The major highlights can be – you get access to Tournaments with higher points as Prizes. Your chances of getting the real-time Prizes and other game prizes will increase.

What is Faceit Premium Matchmaking?

When a set of Premium Faceit members come together for queueing and get into a server together – that can be known as Faceit Premium Matchmaking.