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Expensify vs Concur: Which Is Better For You?[2024]

Expensify vs Concur: Which Is Better For You?[2024]

Expensify vs Concur – Keeping track of expenses can be a nightmare, particularly if you are constantly on the road, on flights, operating from client sites, or from a Starbucks laptop. The most inconvenient aspect of flying small is having to hold a handful of paper tickets, printouts, boarding passes, and credit card slips.

When the company expands, you will still have to deal with processing employee costs and keeping track of how much money is being invested. When a company grows from small to medium-sized, the challenge becomes more challenging – and you may require assistance. It might be difficult to chose when it comes to expensify vs Concur.

We connect various expense tracking apps that can help companies properly plan their spending in this study.

Expensify vs Concur: Let’s Begin!

The first, SAP Concur, is a service provided by SAP, a global tech corporation. You do not need SAP's ERP software to use it, but if you do, it will integrate seamlessly. SAP Concur combines air, hotel, rental vehicle, train, and other travel and cost reporting types.

Expensify operates from a tech startup perspective, and while it caters to large corporations, it also seems to consider the needs of small companies. It can manage cost reporting, policies and certification, and exports to most traditional accounting bundles, much as SAP Concur.

Which of the two programs, Expensify vs Concur, is better for you? Let us take a closer look!


Expensify and SAP Concur both sync with your (or your employees') credit cards and let you scan receipts into the device with your mobile. Both applications have the same simple features, as that is the only aspect that staff and contractors can see.

Both applications, however, can connect to your accounting system, allow you to set up policies and administer permissions, and provide you with reporting to help you properly manage your expenditures. Both allow you to repay employees automatically through direct deposit. It would significantly free up your time whether you were previously writing checks or making one-time payments.

Both of these applications embrace various currencies, which is useful if the company needs international travel. You will also get a proper audit trail that shows who spent what and who approved what.

Expensify recognizes the information on invoices (merchant's name, type of transaction) and automatically fills them in on the device using machine learning. It also automatically compares each receipt to the appropriate transaction form. It also allows for time monitoring, which SAP Concur does not, making it the easier implementation of the two for companies that operate on a billable basis.

Feature Expensify

Expensify vs Concur

Expensify already has some automated features. It will detect duplicate receipts, for example, eliminating the chance of reimbursing someone twice for the same ride.

SAP Concur does all of this, but it also introduces a new feature set that allows users to book travel directly through the device. It keeps track of credit cards, loyalty programs, seat choices, and other details, making bookings smoother while also ensuring that company practices are implemented and community discounts are fully used. Any clients, however, claim to have been able to book direct and save money.

SAP Concur also helps you to delegate costs to individual tasks or clients, giving you a clear idea of project/customer profitability and allowing you to re-bill customers for the appropriate expenses.

However, there is one minor but irritating flaw in SAP Concur: you do not break receipts. So, if an employee stays in a hotel for three days, spending two days dealing with one client and the third day making a few sales calls, it would be difficult to devote two thirds to customer service and one third to sales if the hotel bill is charged in one go.

Features of SAP Concur

sap concur vs expensify (1)

This is one place where Expensify excels: you can break a cost using the mobile app's ‘Options' page. In addition, each break includes a copy of the original receipt.


There is a free edition of Expensify. You can only do it for 25 Smartscans a month, so it can help a small company get started – or you can use it as a free demo for the app. It may also be beneficial for freelancers who need to re-bill those costs to a current client.

The unlimited version costs $4.99 a month per account and offers a bit more features. Many medium-sized companies, on the other hand, will benefit significantly more by upgrading to one of the two corporate versions, which provide synchronization of accounting software and absolute reconciliation. It costs just $5 per user per month to use an Expensify enterprise credit card, and you get a lot of flexibility.

Expensify, we realize, just charges for the number of people who have already used the service in a given month. That is fantastic news for businesses with a high level of seasonality or a high percentage of casual customers.

For $10 per user per month, the Control kit adds HR integration and advanced approval workflows. For certain mid-sized companies, it could be too corporate.

SAP Concur charges per report and sells on a quote basis, since there is no publicly accessible pricing system. The Standard Edition reports start at about $8 each. We avoid recommending goods that do not have a clear price mechanism. There is also a $80 minimum monthly fee, which could make SAP Concur unaffordable for small businesses. However, there is no setup bill.

A free trial is available for all apps.


Expensify is praised for making it simple for consumers to post receipts from their tablets. It is a nice-looking and simple-to-use program. The approvals workflow is also simple to understand and use. That is great news if you have never had to manage employee costs before.

Bringing reports out of the system, on the other hand, can be difficult. Expensify does not seem to be as common among administrators as it is among workers. It is also aggravating when credit card and banking connections are not in line.

The user interface for SAP Concur is a little intimidating, with lots of small fonts and lots of small numbers. It is also not very user-friendly, and a number of users have complained about how difficult it is to use. It doesn’t always itemize expenses correctly, and can fail unpredictably when it’s exporting data to other systems. The dashboard, on the other hand, does a fine job at displaying simple facts.

One feature of SAP Concur that we find inconvenient is that its error reports do not have any detail about what went wrong or how to fix it. That is an environment where things should be done much better, particularly with the lack of customer service. And, strangely, SAP Concur does not pay attention to exceptions or prioritize projects that need to be completed.

Last Thoughts: Expensify vs Concur

Both of these apps are effective at handling travel costs for mid-sized businesses. However, we believe that Expensify has the upper hand with most companies. It is less expensive (unless you have a huge number of users), more user-friendly, and its integrations are tailored to the needs of mid-sized companies.

SAP Concur, on the other hand, caters to the demands of bigger businesses. It does add travel planning features, but we are not sure how much benefit it provides, particularly because some users claim to be able to get better deals by booking directly with hotels or airlines. It is also clunky for some consumers.

However, if you do use SAP goods for other purposes, the ease of integration is a major bonus.

Both of these technologies are intended for medium- to large-sized businesses. When the work of policing workers' salaries becomes too much for the executive staff, they have to pay for themselves. Automating report submission and permissions relieves you of a significant burden.

Expensify's free software may be useful for small businesses and self-employed people. However, as most small business accounting applications now allow you to check receipts and have robust documentation, you do not need Expensify.

However, there is one form in which Expensify excels for single users. Even if their bosses do not publicly recognize it, many workers have opted to claim independence and use Expensify to file their accounts. Expensify would allow you to do this because reports are sent by email – in fact, it is one of their most popular ways of earning a big account!