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Does Zara Take Afterpay? [A to Z Guide]

Does Zara Take Afterpay? [A to Z Guide]

Zara is one of the most famous international fashion brands. Due to its large goodwill, it is famous even when it offers prices at higher rates than just reasonable prices.

When it comes to this, people would still want to go for it if it had a buy now and pay later option. So, does Zara take Afterpay? Does Zara have Afterpay or any other buy now pay later policy?

To know all the answers to your questions lingering in your mind, we have presented you the article which will give you accurate information and answer your – ‘Does Zara take Afterpay?’ question.

Does Zara take Afterpay?

Does Zara take Afterpay? The accurate answer to your question is No. Zara does not use an after-pay service. It is nowhere affiliated with the Afterpay limited company.

But what is Afterpay? Afterpay is a famous financial technology from Australia that is best known for its buy now and pay later service which allows you to buy your desired item now and pay for them later or in instalments.

Afterpay has affiliated with several brands across the globe due to paying being convenient. Middle-class people can trust the brand and buy expensive clothing and other items without looking at their budget.

There are plenty of services like Afterpay in the market but Afterpay is the best and most trusted service provider for buy now and pay later term.

Why doesn’t Zara have Afterpay?

Indeed, Zara does not use Afterpay for offering buy now and pay later service. However, there is no official reason announced by Zara for not using Afterpay financing.

Users can always check again after the payment methods update from Zara but it is unlikely that Zara will have to do so as it already has one similar financing service provider. 

The bottom line is, that Zara does not use Afterpay but uses another service provider for its buy now and pay later services.

Is it Possible to buy now pay later at Zara?

Yes. Although Zara does not use Afterpay, it uses Zip instead. With the help of Zip, you can pay later in even instalments for the purchase you did now.

So, what is Zip? Zip, previously known by the name Quadpay is a similar functioning service provider to Afterpay. With the help of your debit or credit card, you can use Zip and buy the things you need now and pay later accordingly.

Zara offers its service when you travel to the last page for checkout. At the time of billing, when all the payment methods are displayed, you can see the Zip option.

If you thought you would need to carry long steps for using this service, you are wrong. Similarly Afterpay, Zip helps you pay on credit within a few minutes. 

Whether you are using your cell phone or a desktop, the web works on both devices. If you want to know more about this, you can download the app and see how it works.

What stores accept Afterpay?

Afterpay is a convenient mood to pay for the things afterwards which you need now. To make payment and engagement with the customer easier, many international and national brands offer Afterpay and similar services.

Below, we are presenting you with the list of fashion and clothing brands that use Afterpay,

  1. Boohoo
  2. Urban Outfitters 
  3. Princess Polly
  4. Target
  5. The Iconic
  6. Forever 21
  7. ASOS
  8. J Crew
  9. Cettire
  10. Three Bird Nest

Many more renewed brands can be added to the above-mentioned list.


Although many people would prefer to buy in the future instead of buying right now with the help of Afterpay. There are still chances when middle-class people would need to buy something in an emergency but are short on money.

At times like these, Afterpay is extremely helpful as it helps you buy with credit within a few minutes, not even half an hour and you are done with your payment with no issues unless your time starts to act. 

We hope our article gave you all the data you needed about Zara and its relation with Afterpay. We do not think it is going to affiliate with Afterpay as it already has Zip, but you never know, so you should keep an eye on that!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does H&M accept Afterpay?

No, H&M does not accept Afterpay.

Does Zara have Afterpay or Klarna?

No. Zara does not offer Afterpay services or Klarna services. Instead, it uses Zip for offering buy now pay later financing. Zip is used the same way as Afterpay and allows you to carry on with your purchase now, and pay later.

Is quadpay Zara Available?

Quadpay Zara is available but Quadpay is no longer Quadpay. Now, it is known by the name Zip. The company offers similar services and allows you to buy with the help of credit and pay later. 

Which stores accept Afterpay?

Fashion brands like ASOS, Forever 21, Boohoo and many other brands offer Afterpay nowadays to make engagement with their customers easier and more convenient.

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