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Does Wayfair Have Afterpay? [A to Z Guide]

Does Wayfair Have Afterpay? [A to Z Guide]

Wayfair is a popular destination when you want to buy home decor essentials. However, wouldn't it be better if you had the option to buy now and pay later? 

This way, if you had to pay for something in an emergency and did not have enough funds, using this service can help a lot.

For the same reasons, customers have been curious to know, does Wayfair have Afterpay? Does it offer similar options like Afterpay? Does it provide a buy now pay later service?

To get all the answers to the above-mentioned questions and more, you must read the article below. 

Does Wayfair Have Afterpay?

Does Wayfair Have Afterpay?

Does Wayfair have Afterpay? Yes, Wayfair has Afterpay along with Klarna to offer you the buy now pay later service.

Wayfair has more than just a bunch of payment methods to ensure flexibility to customers for being in whichever manner they are most comfortable with.

From personal checks to mobile wallets, from different credit cards to gift cards, where fare gives you more options than you have ever expected. 

Along with the same, it also allows you to type in a promo code and save a sum from your total on the payment page at the time of checkout

Is it possible to Buy Now Pay Later at Wayfair?

Yes, it is possible to buy now pay later at Wayfair. It not only allows you to buy now pay later through after pay but it has another option called Klarna which can be used in the same way as Afterpay.

Wayfair Payment Options

Below is the list of accepted payment methods at Wayfair,

  1. Credit/debit cards – under this category, It accepts MasterCard, American Express, Diners, JCB, Visa, and China UnionPay like credit and debit cards.
  2. Wayfair Credit Card –  This credit card will function similarly to any other credit card. The difference is, that this credit card will only be used when you are purchasing or dealing with the Wayfair brand. This credit card cannot be used with any other brand.
  3. PayPal and PayPal credit – PayPal and PayPal credit is the famous online mode of payment available in most countries worldwide. It is easy to use, and that is why it is famous.
  4. Apple Pay – Apple Pay is a mobile valet brought to us by Apple.
  5. Wayfair financing – under this category, Affirm, Bread, Fortiva, Katapult, Acima, Citizens Pay, Genesis, and Progressive Leasing are added.
  6. Wayfair buy now pay later – this service is brought to you by Afterpay and Klarna. You, as the customer, have the right to choose.
  7. Wayfair Gift Cards, Prizes, and Rewards – most of the time, these methods are used to cut the total amount in half and not only pay the sum. However, if you have acquired an expensive store credit, reward, or gift card, then you can use this to pay for your order.
  8. Wire Transfer – wire transfer is not a famous mode of payment but is still used by an average amount of people.
  9. Purchase Orders
  10. Personal Checks, Money orders, and Cashier’s Checks.

What Furniture Stores accept Afterpay?

Below is the list of furniture stores that accept Afterpay and offer buy now pay later service,

  • IKEA
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Pier 1
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Tuft & Needle
  • Anthropologie

What is Wayfair?

Wayfair is an e-commerce entity that deals in furniture and home goods essentials. The company is from and based in the United States. It was previously known as CSN stores and has been working since 2000.

Their online store offers a great number of products. It has recorded over 14 million items from over 11,000 suppliers from across the world.


We hope you now know if Wayfair has Afterpay. Many other furniture stores offer After pay service. If not Afterpay, they offer buy now pay later service from other financing brands which work similarly to Afterpay.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Wayfair allow monthly payments?

Yes, Wayfair customers have the option to pay through installments by applying for an installment loan at the time of checkout via Affirm. 

What stores have Afterpay in us?

The list of popular Afterpay stores in America includes Forever 21, J crew, Three Bird Nest, and Cettire. While these were only the popular stores, the majority of the retailers in the United States have the buy now pay later service. This is to make it easier for customers to buy items whenever and wherever they wish. This service offers the flexibility to pay in monthly installments which makes it easier for middle-class and lower-than-middle-class citizens.

Does Wayfair have Quadpay?

Yes, Wayfair has ZiP, previously known as Quadpay. The service provider allows you to pay for your next purchase in 4 installments within six weeks. Other than Quadpay, the brand also offers Buy now pay later services through Afterpay and Klarna like trusted service providers.