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Does Skittles Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Skittles Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Skittles is a popular multicolored and fruit-flavored candies, a confectionary product. The candies come with a variety of weights, and contain hard sugar shells, all having ‘S’ imprinted on one of their sides.

Skittles are all good and fun to consume, but have you heard about their involvement in the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine? We did, with many asking questions like – does Skittles support Israel? No? Then, does skittle support Palestine?

The answer to these questions is not proper on the Internet because it is filled with thousands of different and personal opinions. Yet, if you could just have a look below, then you will find the perfect answer to the question – does Skittles support Israel or Palestine?

Does Skittles Support Israel or Palestine?

Although all the rumors suggest that Skittles is in support of Israel through its parent company — Skittles has not voiced its support towards any country involved in the war, including Israel, so there is no proper answer to this question yet. 

Skittles Official Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Skittles has not declared anything about its position on the Israel and Palestine conflict, or on the rumors and speculations involving it with the war.

Boycott Movement Against Skittles

Skittle has not received a direct call of boycott from the actual boycotting movement. 

Yet, since its parent company is greatly involved in business with Israel, many individual groups globally have been boycotting Skittles since the start of the war. 

Skittles & Israel

There is a connection between Skittles and Israel, and although Skittles doesn't have any official presence in Israel, you can still find its products available in Israel through local shops and online markets.

As for its views on the conflict involving Israel, Skittles has chosen to stay silent, not supporting Israel against Palestine in the war. 

Skittles & Palestine

Compared to Israel, Skittles has no connection with Palestine whatsoever, with no official or franchised.

In addition to that, you will rarely see any metal products available in the Palestinian regions. 

Talking about the conflict involving Palestine, Skittles has chosen to stay silent, not siding with either of the regions in the war. 

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Final Words 

In the end, the decision is yours if you want to boycott Skittles because of its parent company or choose to buy its products since it has been silent about the war all this time. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Skittles Pro Israel?

There might be some chances since its parent company has been actively doing business in Israel, but since Skittles has not itself voiced its support towards Israel, we are not sure if it is pro-Israel or not. 

Is Skittles Pro Palestine?

It is highly unlikely that Skittles is pro-Palestine because while Skittles has no connection with Palestine whatsoever, it has also chosen not to speak in favor of Palestine against Israel in the war.