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Does M&M’s Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does M&M’s Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

M&M’s is a popular candy globally, a multicolored and sugar-coated dragee chocolate confectionery. Founded in 1941, every piece of M&M’s contains ‘M’ printed on one side, and comes with a candy shell, with different fillings. 

Keeping that apart, did you hear the recent rumor about M&M’s involved in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine? We did, and people want to know – does M&M’s support Israel? Or, does M&M’s support Palestine?

Talking about you, what is your answer? Does M&M’s support Israel or Palestine? If you don’t know the truth, then continue reading this article because it includes everything you need to know about M&M’s involvement in the conflict.

Does M&M’s Support Israel or Palestine?

There are multiple rumors saying that M&M’s is actively doing business in Israel, which is contributing to its economy and having a bad impact on Palestine.

Yet, since M&M’s has not directly supported any country in the war, we are not sure if it wants to side with Israel or Palestine, or simply wants to maintain a balanced position.

M&M’s Official Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

As of December 2024, M&M’s has not announced anything, neither on the Israel and Palestine conflict nor on the rumors saying it is supporting Israel in the war. 

Boycott Movement Against M&M’s

Although M&M’s has not received a direct call from the official boycott movement, it is still being boycotted by individuals and groups globally because of its parent company’s recent collaboration with a Jerusalem company, which is supporting the Israeli economy indirectly.

M&M’s & Israel

There are only indirect relations between M&M’s and Israel because while it doesn’t have any official presence or influence in Israel, you can still find its products through individual vendors and online platforms.

However, its parent company has recently announced a collaboration with one of the Israeli ventures, which is another indirect relation between M&M’s and Israel. 

Talking about its views on the conflict involving Israel, it has chosen to keep quiet.

M&M’s & Palestine

Compared to Israel, there is no connection between M&M’s and Palestine whatsoever, with no official franchised services.

In addition to that, you will hardly find any M&M’s products, reaching the Palestinian borders.

As for its position in the war involving Palestine, it hasn’t spoken in response to Palestine or criticized Israel.

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Final Words 

In the end, the decision lies in your hands – if you want to support M&M’s or boycott it with others.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is M&M’s Pro Israel?

We are not sure if M&M’s is pro-Israel because while it only has an indirect presence in Israel, it has also been silent about the war all this time, neither supporting Israel openly nor criticizing Palestine.

Is M&M’s Pro Palestine?

We don’t think M&M’s is pro-Palestine because it has practically no presence in Palestine compared to Israel, and has also chosen not to speak about the Israel and Palestine conflict, not supporting either of the countries in the war.