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Does Sam’s Club Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Sam’s Club Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Sam’s Club or Sam’s West, is a warehouse store company founded in 1983 by Walmart. It is a chain of membership-only warehouse club retail stores, offering a bunch of interesting benefits and cheap prices on many categories.

Now, since we have its parent company involved in rumors related to the current war between Israel and Palestine, it is also suspected of supporting the oppressor, with many wanting to know – does Sam’s Club support Israel? Or, does Sam’s Club support Palestine?

Talking about you, what do you think? Does Sam’s Club support Israel or Palestine? If you're not sure but want to know, then you are on the correct page because this article includes the exact answer and explanation you’re looking for. 

Does Sam’s Club Support Israel or Palestine or Palestine?

Unfortunately, since Sam’s Club has not shown direct support towards any of the two countries involved in the dispute, it is hard to say if it is supporting Israel or Palestine.

Sam’s Club Official Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

As of December 2024, Sam’s Club has not delivered any kind of official statement or declaration regarding its views on the present Israel and Palestine conflict. 

Boycott Movement Against Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is not mentioned in the official list of boycotts, even though its parent company, Walmart, is mentioned because of providing aid to Israel. 

Sam’s Club & Israel

There is no direct connection between Sam’s Club and Israel, and the only indirect connection they have is through Sam’s Club’s parent company, Walmart. 

Apart from this, Sam’s Club doesn’t have any kind of distributors or affiliations in Israel, although we have some online platforms offering a few Sam’s Club products.

In addition to that, Sam’s Club has not spoken in favor of Israel against Palestine. 

Sam’s Club & Palestine

Similar to Israel, Sam’s Club has close to no relations with Palestine with no physical stores or partners.

Apart from this, Sam’s Club has chosen to stay silent about the conflict involving Palestine, where it neither sided with Palestine nor criticized Israel for its actions. 

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Final Words 

To summarize the article – as of December 2024, it is unclear whether Sam’s Club is supporting Israel or Palestine in the war, or simply maintaining its balanced position. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Sam’s Club Pro Israel?

We don’t think so because Sam’s Club has only minimal indirect connections in Israel, and since it didn’t voice its support towards Israel against Palestine, it is unclear if it is pro-Israel or not. 

Is Sam’s Club Pro Palestine?

There is practically no relation between Sam’s Club and Palestine, and while it didn’t side with Israel, it also didn’t voice its support towards Palestine in the war, so it is highly unlikely that it is pro-Palestine.