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Does Revlon Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Revlon Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Revlon, the famous makeup brand, is tangled over the Israel-Palestine issue. 

People are talking about it because of some things Revlon did, and we will break down what's happening.

Let’s get into the details. 

Does Revlon Support Israel or Palestine?

Revlon has yet to say what it thinks about Israel or Palestine. The answer to does Revlon support Israel is still unclear as they haven’t officially stated anything related to this.

But some things it did and who it's connected to make people wonder.

Revlon Official Statements on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Revlon has yet to tell everyone officially what it thinks about the Israel-Palestine situation.  This has made people talk even more about what Revlon is up to.

Boycott Movement against Revlon

Online, a big group of people say, “Let's not buy Revlon anymore!” 

Why? Because of what Revlon did before and who it might be connected to in Israel.

Looking Deeper:  Revlon is linked to a person named Ronald Perelman, who supports Israel. Perelman controls Revlon, New World Entertainment, and Forbes.

No Thanks, Revlon: A blogger said “no thanks” to an award from Revlon because of an actress named Gal Gadot. The blogger thinks Gadot supports bad things in Palestine.

Understanding what's up with Revlon and the Israel-Palestine situation needs a closer look. As people keep talking, 

Revlon might need to share more about what it thinks and does to make everyone happy.

Revlon and Israel

Helping Israel Football: Revlon gave money to Israel's football teams from 2019 to 2024. Some people think this means Revlon likes what Israel's government does.

In Places with Issues: Revlon opened shops and sold things in areas with problems between Israel and Palestine. This made people think Revlon supports the side causing trouble.

Where Things Come From: Revlon might get stuff or make things in Israel or places with problems. This makes people think Revlon helps Israel's economy and is part of the problem.

Revlon and Palestine

Not Much Info: Revlon hasn't said or done much about Palestine. Revlon doesn't take sides in this fight, even with stores everywhere.

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Last Words

Figuring out what Revlon thinks about Israel and Palestine is like solving a puzzle. 

Even though Revlon stopped giving money to Israel's football, people still talk about what happened before. Revlon might need to talk more about this to keep everyone happy.


Does Revlon like Israel?

Revlon hasn't said, but some things it did made people think so.

Does Revlon like Palestine?

Revlon doesn't take sides in this fight, even with stores worldwide. The answer to does Revlon Support Palestine is not conclusive.